Here you can find all of the reviews we’ve done, since we’re new we do not have that many up there at this time, but over time we’ll add what we can, whenever we come across a new game that we buy and want to review it or feel like it is a worthy task to review the game.

Over time we hope to get reviews out in a timely manner, but for now we’re sort of stuck rolling them out as soon as possible and typically it means after the games have already been released for awhile.

In particular with the next generation games, I am taking my time reviewing the games, there are several factors working against me such as sluggish starts with online servers and the shear magnitude of the games depth-wise. So please understand that while the games may be several weeks old by the time the reviews are out, I am not worried about posting these reviews as quickly as possible. I am more worried about the accuracy of the reviews I am doing even if it means a month has gone by since the games are released. Once the launch games I have are reviewed I think getting out future reviews will be a week to ten days after the game is released so they can be played through thoroughly and tested for a lot of bugs. Unless I get an advanced copy of a game, then I will try to post the reviews as early as possible but not at the expense of the accuracy or reputation of the reviews we’ve done so far, that to me is far more important than being first, or last in some regards in posting a review.

PS3/Xbox 360 Reviews

The Last of Us (PS3 Exclusive)

NCAA Football ’14 (PS3 and Xbox 360) Reviewed on PS3

Madden 25 (PS3 and Xbox 360) Reviewed on PS3

NHL 14 (PS3 and Xbox 360) Reviewed on PS3

Grand Theft Auto V Single Player Review (PS3 and Xbox 360) Reviewed on PS3

PS4/Xbox One Reviews

NBA 2k14 (PS4/Xbox One) Reviewed on PS4

Electronic Devices

Nothing at the moment

Online Streaming Services

Nothing at the moment


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