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Spreading the Word Series: Beer and Joysticks

Welcome to the second part of the Spreading the Word series, where we dig in and talk about blogs with content that is unusual. And this next one sounds like it is hailed from Canada with the combination it uses to provide content, being beer and video games. However if it was truly from Canada it would probably have hockey mixed in as well.

It isn’t the video games part that is so unusual per say, in fact as you might know, we cover it. But the beer part is unusual in itself but to combine that with video games it makes for a good read. One of the quotes in the about us section of their site is “play responsibly! drink responsibly!” and I echo that quote. If you’ve ever been on Xbox Live or PSN and played a game you know what douches there are online, so when they say play responsibly I think that is what they mean, don’t be a douche.

The site features beer reviews, game reviews, a section called rants which is nothing more than game commentary. They also have a videos section of gameplay of their recordings.

I recommend a look at this unusual site, and potentially a like. Go to:


Spreading The Word Series: Chix with Styx

Welcome to the first of the Spreading the Word Series, this is to spread the word about some great blogs here on wordpress that cover things that many might not think of making a blog about. The first installment is a wonderful example of that. The blog is called Chix with Styx and it is a blog about Woman’s hockey equipment. So if you’re a Woman’s hockey player you might know how extremely hard to find a site that focuses exclusively on Woman’s hockey equipment. The good news is that Chix with Styx has reviews of a lot of gear from skates to sticks to shoulder pad sets and so on. One of her more recent reviews is of the Graf Supra G45 Shoulder Pads but this is just one of many reviews that Liz has done. So I recommend the read if you are a woman that plays hockey and need some info on the equipment that is available.

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