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Report: Josh Freeman Told to Watch Buccaneers Game From Suite, Not Sidelines

Things getting testy in Tampa Bay between the Bucs and QB Josh Freeman. To bad, he showed potential at one point, but now he’s a bit of a pain for them.

Greg Schiano, Josh FreemanTo say that the relationship between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Josh Freeman is uncomfortable would be a massive understatement.

The quarterback was listed as inactive heading into Week 4 after losing his starting job to rookie Mike Glennon earlier in the week. The benching prompted Freeman to voice his desire to be traded, and the feelings seem to be mutual as the Bucs didn’t give him the warmest of treatments on Sunday afternoon.

While some of the inactives were on the field prior to kickoff, Freeman was nowhere to be seen, and he also wasn’t spotted on the sidelines during the game. Instead, the signal caller was told to watch the game from a suite at Raymond James Stadium, according to Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports 1.

“With all the happenings of the week, that was the best thing for our team,” Greg Schiano told Pat Yaskinsas of…

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Could American boycott derail NHL’s Olympic dreams?

The Government should not force Olympians to miss the Olympics because of political reasons but only for health reasons. These men and women train and compete for 4 years to earn their spot in the Olympics, and now this Republican moron wants them not to go because the USA doesn’t have the guts to go get Snowden themselves? Are you kidding me Mr. Graham?

E3 Live Stream Listings

A listing to the events surrounding E3 on various media outlets.

New “The Last of Us” Gameplay Video Is Incredible

Gary Smith and his crew posted this and I agree, this game does look amazing.

ESPN Unveils Digital Rendering of Huge New $125 Million Studio (Video)

That is a nice studio. And at the price tag of $125M it isn’t cheap!

When you have all that money and technology can buy, why not use it?

On Tuesday, ESPN unveiled a digital rendering of its “Digital Center 2,” which reportedly will end up costing the sports media giant $125 million to construct. Included in the 193,000-square-foot space are four brand-new studios and six production control rooms.

The brand-new building will open in 2014 and will be the Bristol, Conn., home of SportsCenter, among other programs. ESPN released a video of what one of the new studios will look like. See it below.

[nesn_embed service=youtube src=”” width=”640″ height=”360″]

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The PS4 Version of ‘Watch_Dogs’ Will Have the Same Game Experience, but Magnified

Bruins fans belt out a national anthem for the ages in Boston

Great work by the Bruins fans!

Several Hurt In Explosions At Boston Marathon Finish Line

Thoughts are with the victims, this is sickening.

42-year-old goalie signs contract, dresses for Anaheim Ducks tonight

This is sickening! I have never been in a crowd of a children’s sports game and witnessed such awful behavior. Some parents are really bad role models.

Drew's Pro Shop

This is Part 1 of a 3-part piece on problems surrounding minor hockey. Check back next monday for part 2!

A few weeks ago, I went to go watch a Midget BB hockey game at my local arena. It had been a while since I had watched minor hockey, so I figured I would go watch some kids play a good-spirited hockey game. These boys, aged 15-17, were good hockey players. They were not all incredibly skilled, but they knew how to play the game clean and effectively. At the time that I walked in, one team was beating the other team by a score of 6-1. A couple of minutes later, one of the defensemen on the winning team made some mistakes that led to a couple of goals. His team was now winning by a score of 6-3. However, one of the parents from the winning team decided that these…

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Watch Dogs is a game I have been watching since it was introduced at E3 in 2012. Now that it is on the PS4, it definitely makes getting a PS4 more likely for me an option on release day. Even if Watch_Dogs is not a release day game, I bet Madden will be so that would be a good bridge game. What PS4 games are you looking forward to at this early stage?

Stunning video: Jonathan Drouin makes everyone’s jaws drop with unbelievable display of skill, tenacity

What a display by Jonathan Drouin. Credit goes to Ice Nation UK.

Ice Nation UK


Anybody who enjoys watching a hockey player completely strip every member of the opposition of their dignity must watch the video at the bottom of this post.  Jonathan Drouin, a top prospect for the 2013 NHL Entry Draft and who is in just his first full season with the Halifax Mooseheads of the QMJHL, shows an unbelievable amount of skill, tenacity, toughness, work ethic and smarts in 15 seconds of awesomeness.

The 17 year old, who begins his dominating sequence 21 seconds into the video (he’s No.27), basically doesn’t relinquish control of the puck for a full 15 seconds – a pretty incredible feat for someone who is only 5’11” and 176lbs (and that’s probably generous), but made all the more incredible by the fact that in that time he made several Datsyukian style moves to dance around the defence, took a hard shot at the goalie, collected his own…

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