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Switching over to enforcingthecode for good, a final goodbye

Good evening followers of ELECTROSPORTS, as you might have noticed I have not used this blog too much recently. That is because I am using the new site to update lately. So if you want to continue to receive material it is over on that site from here on out. I will have my E3 preview and coverage on there along with my Watch_Dogs review, and Stanley Cup Finals preview and recap. So head on over there for all the latest news, and remember to follow for all of the recent updates from me and staff.

Thanks for the good times here, and I hope to build many more on the new site.



I am moving on, a goodbye of sorts


That’s right, I am moving on. I am not leaving blogging behind though. I have just started up a new blog that has been in development since the new year, I am launching it tomorrow and it will feature some cool features which will be revealed as I post more and more stuff down the line. However if you are looking for a preview head on over to and check it out. It is still a work in progress and it may change over the rest of today as you are navigating the website.

But overall I am excited to be shifting over to the new site because it has sat there getting various changes throughout the past 3 months and this is as good as it is going to look with as little coding as I know. However if I knew as much about coding as I know about graphic design or even blogging I could have probably made a pretty bad-ass looking website for myself.

Anyway the main reason I am leaving this one behind is because I wanted to venture on my own and see what success I could have without the constraints, such as file upload sizes, the limited bandwidth, and just an overall lack of true features that it truly takes to run a technology based website which is why it was important for me to really move on and get working on a site that would be able to deliver on a host of different features I have implemented on the website over at Enforcing The Code.

I have a follow button and I am trying to incorporate as many as the features as possible to make it as seamless of a transition as possible for all of my readers and for myself because that was my main reason for going to, but we will see how it works out.

I would like to thank everyone who has viewed and liked my blog here for the last 14 months, I hope to serve you all on the new site, and it should allow more opportunities than I have now with ELECTROSPORTS. I hope to see you all on the new site, because it will be the same as this outside of a new look and name.

Thank You,


Thanksgiving and Sports on Today

Today is Thanksgiving in the USA so I wanted to wish my fellow Americans a Happy Thanksgiving. Today is a day to give thanks for what we have, whether it be good health, good wealth, good family, or whatever you may be thankful for. Today is meant to celebrate what you have even if you have very little and times are tough, there is probably something that you are thankful for even if it is a short list of things that you have, appreciate it, because some people might have it far worse.

Personally I am thankful to be in good health, to have all of my family in good health, and to have this little blog be as successful as it has been, I never would have imagined I’d still be doing this blog when I first started it back in late February, and I never could have dreamed to have the following I do on here, it truly has been a blessing to me, and I appreciate the support I’ve gotten from fellow WordPress users during the past year.

I’m also thankful for the help I’ve gotten with this effort from companies such as Electronic Arts and Ubisoft, because for me to have such great communications with these companies is a welcome surprise I wasn’t expecting when I started looking for ways to add content to this site, those two companies in particular (but to be clear they aren’t the only ones I’ve had success with but they’re the biggest partners of ours to this point of time) have been amazing to me and I can not thank them enough for their support in the first of hopefully many years on this journey.

With that message out of the way, I am going to close this Thanksgiving message with the sports schedule on today for the NFL and NHL, there might be college football on ESPN later as well since it is Thursday, it might be worth a look on the programming guide.


Vancouver @ Ottawa 7:30 PM ET (NHLN-US/SNET-VAN/SNET-OTT)

Oilers @ Predators 8 PM ET (SNET-EDM)


*I tried looking for the Canadian listings for the NFL but had trouble figuring it out, please take the following info as guesses and feel free to correct the information in the comments*

Packers @ Lions 12:30 PM ET (FOX/City TV)

Raiders @ Cowboys 4:30 PM ET (CBS/City TV/RDS2)

Steelers @ Ravens 8:20 PM ET (NBC/Sportsnet/RDS2)

Information on how the GTA V review will be done

GTA V Aug 13 1


Usually when I review a game it is done before the game is even launched. This is due to the mere fact that the publishers are nice enough to send us copies of the games in advance of the release of a game. Unfortunately due to lack of a relationship with Rockstar Games and Rockstar North, I will not be getting the review for Grand Theft Auto V in early. In fact it won’t be done probably until next week or the week after.

So with that said, I will explain why it will so long until the review. I like getting to play the game through completely before I release a review. This is done to ensure the game gets a fair shake and to make sure no exploits pop up during the review process. For example, NHL 14 I reviewed last week and I ended up having an issue with the game freezing after the review and then I eventually found a work-around to it which was disabling the custom soundtrack. Had I spent an entire week on that game, I would have been able to spot the issue and reported it in the review. But since I found a work-around for the issue the scores and comments stand. Otherwise I would have had to amend the review with another score probably much lower.

Anyway back to GTA.

I am also going to do this in two parts. As some may know, this game will be released without an online component to the game to start. Which means I will have to review the offline experience only to start, which as you know I’m fine with. And then two weeks later Rockstar will release GTA Online which will be the online part of the game. So I am going to review this game in two separate pieces. One of offline and one for online. The Online review will probably be faster to do since it is expected to be a close representation of the offline game but with a custom character.

So as I said, depending on how quickly I get through the game the review will be up within a week or so. I am very excited to play this game and I expect that this will be the game of the year. Which is saying a lot because The Last of Us was such a great game, and Watch Dogs is coming out this year, and I am super excited for that game.



The Future of This Blog


Some of you may or may not have noticed that the rate of the posts lately have been down. I don’t want anyone to be concerned because there are a couple different reasons for this happening. So allow me to go over them real quickly so that I can explain the reasons for the lack of blogs that have been posted over the past two or three weeks.

  1. Time hasn’t been there, between looking for a job, and dealing with other personal stuff the time has been limited to blog, especially in terms of original pieces and breakdown blogs.
  2. A lack of any real info to discuss, it’s been fairly quiet since E3. That isn’t to say that there’s been nothing, but there hasn’t been a blitz of information either, in fact most of the coverage lately have been trailers and blogs for Madden, NHL 14, and Splinter Cell Blacklist.
  3. I am considering making the leap to a domain name soon, so I have been studying the options for where to go, what web host to use, and working on some of the finer details such as what the domain name should be since www dot electrosports dot com is taken.

So as you can see my focus isn’t completely on the blog anymore, but I don’t want people thinking I am less interested in doing blogs, or bringing the coverage I have bought since early February. But there is more for me to look at and into now than there was back then, so the frequency of the original posts have dipped a little bit, but overall I still try to bring you news and updates as it happens.

Furthermore with the NFL and College Football on the horizon, there will be football related content coming real soon, which is exciting to me since I am a football guy as well as a hockey guy. And as little as I cover baseball I do follow it to an extent but not enough to offer opinions on it on a regular basis.

So to reiterate, the blog is alive, and it is well. It is just slow now, but with Madden 25, NHL 14, and GTA V all due out within a 5 week span, I will hopefully be able to bring some in depth coverage on all of those games.

I want to thank everyone for their support to this point, and I am here to say, there will be plenty of good stuff coming soon including the delayed NHL 15 and Beyond blogs, which I will start making and rolling out over the next couple of months once I get to see what has and hasn’t changed with NHL 14.

So no worries, I am here to stay, I am not going anywhere, any time soon.

-Kevin G

Page Updates


I made some updates on the page, I took out the text from the earnings reports from the last couple of weeks (except for Apple’s) and I replaced them with PDF documents or Microsoft Word documents. This was done to make the site faster and more accessible to the readers.

I also added new the first three months of the NHL Schedule to the hockey section under sports. The rest of the schedule will be added at a later date.

A new series of blogs coming, covering what I want to see in NHL 15 and beyond


I have noticed that my old NHL 14 and Beyond Be a GM special piece has been getting a lot of hits lately. While I am not sure whether it is due to the demand for info on NHL 14 and it’s Be a GM info that will hopefully come out soon, or the word is spreading about the piece. But regardless I made that piece in the middle of May and I never followed up on it. But now that I am looking at it again, I want to re-write it in more detail and in different sections for trades, drafting, scouting, etc. so that I can go more in depth with it.

I will rename this NHL 15 and beyond to avoid any confusion for one, and to hopefully submit these ideas to EA to see if they can pick up any traction. Not only will it be renamed but it will cover far more than Be a GM, but also cover game play, GM Connected, and so on as the ideas come to me. I am going to start writing them and rolling them out soon.

I love hockey video games, and I want to see hockey games become sports game of the year candidates, I loved seeing NHL 10 and NHL 11 be candidates for sports game of the year, and the last couple of years it feels like EA has kind of stopped making sure the hockey games are polished. I think more so with NHL 13 with the lousy goals allowed by goalies, the slow Be a GM menu screen, the even slower GM Connected screen, and overall NHL 13 felt rushed and never benefited from its patch.

I want to be able to come up with ideas and hopefully submit them for future games for EA or any other NHL game out there whether it be 2k or another company. I mean surely I am just one voice, but I think I will speak for most hockey gamers when they see my ideas.

EA has potential to make NHL the best series in their library, and I want to see that and with 16 times more power at their disposal to work with, NHL should be able to make the leap from very good or borderline great to fantastic. But the question is, what needs to be done? And what can be done? I will give you my two cents worth coming soon on what I think.

If nothing else I think this can lead to some good discussions moving forward on what could be added in the future. Because I am not looking so much for new modes, or anything over the top. I think EA has enough modes in NHL 13 and 14, I think EA in NHL 15 needs to work on making game play and presentation make the next leap forward and working to add to their current game modes before they go adding new modes.

Anyway the series will start soon, I need to work on it and then release the series of idea blogs over time.

Happy Independence Day

I wanted to wish my American readers a Happy Independence Day, and also a belated Happy Canada day to the Canadian readers who celebrated their history on Monday and every July 1st, I know this because the NHL usually has it’s Free Agent Frenzy on Canada day. Below is a video of a song that is a Fourth of July staple for us here in America, the Boston Pops Orchestra perform it every year on TV.

And please remember, if you’re going to go out drinking please plan a ride home from a sober driver. There is no need to put anyone else at risk because you choose to drink, if please drink responsibly.

New Additions to the site

When I last did an update to the site we were fairly new and there wasn’t much reason to really organize, but now that things have gotten a little more active, especially recently with the Stanley Cup Finals, E3, and the Xbox One reveal it’s been crazy and a lot of information has come and gone. So what I have done is made it a little easier to find stuff, under the technology section there is a video games section and under that you’ll see four separate new sections

  • News
  • Reviews

This is pretty standard stuff, you know what this is.

  • Special Features

This is a place to find all the special pieces I’ve done outside of news and reviews. Since we’ve started there have been 11 special pieces for video games, so I wanted to make them easier to find and reference.

  • Dynasties

Currently there is really no activity on my NHL 13 Be a GM I started, mainly because the dynasty mode screen is painfully slow that I don’t enjoy just simulating through a month and posting. I hope come NHL 14 there will be another one started and hopefully that game has a better menu screen. 

There may be further work done down the road, but for now this is good enough until I find another reason to to add to the menu, I am trying to keep is simple.

Looking Forward at the week ahead


This week there is a lot to look forward to:

  • The NHL Conference Finals will continue
  • The AHL Finals might start
  • NHL 14 Enforcer Engine Blog (I suspect since they don’t want it to overshadow the E3 news or get lost in the shuffle)
  • Pre-E3 news and rumors

Those are just small highlights, there is also going to be something special starting on Monday that I will debut and it will run all week long, I have spent two weeks on this assignment on and off, and I feel like this is going to be a good way to lead up to E3 which starts on June 10, 2013.

Happy Mothers Day!

All of us here at ELECTROSPORTS would like to say Happy Mothers Day! We appreciate all that our mothers have done for us, and it’s because of your labor pains during a nine month period that we are able to live in this world, so for that we say Thank You! And we wish the readers moms, actual moms, and grand mothers a happy Mothers Day as well.


New Design

As you can tell I made changed to the design of the web page to make it more efficient and I think the end result is great.

To get to the different sections hoover over the tabs on the top of the page and you’ll see a list of what is covered, and if you look at the sports tab you will see all of the sports but if you hoover over a particular sport you will see the different leagues.

But I want to hear from you guys, do you like it? Is there anything you’d change?

Thanks for following and reading, I hope to continue to bring you more content in the future.

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