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Off Beat: From Tragedy to Triumph, the city of Boston is on a roller-coaster ride


On April 15th, one of the worse days in Boston’s history happened, at the end of the Boston Marathon there were two explosions towards the finish line. There were several injuries and a total of three fatalities (a fourth was committed when the police tried to catch these scumbags). It was unlike anything ever witnessed in Boston, a city that is so beautiful, on such a nice day, turned to absolute horror for about a week. It wasn’t until Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was captured did the city of Boston really start the healing process.

It was a Friday night, I remember it fondly because I was at the Providence Bruins game the night it happened and at the end of the second period they announced over the PA system that Dzhokhar was caught by Boston Police with the help of the other agencies. I remember it well because the chant of “USA USA USA” started and it was a moment in my life that I will never forget. 

What people may not realize is that going to the Providence Bruins game that night was a risk because Dzhokhar was still on the run and a manhunt was going on all day in MA., so it is possible that the guy could have made his way South towards Providence, Rhode Island and no one had spotted him. Sure logically it is a far cry but when you consider what the monster had done four days before, at that time it seemed like something like that would also be a far cry.

Anyway after that night the comeback for the city had begun, the Red Sox and Bruins had home games that following afternoon at 1PM, and they both had their different tributes to the victims, and heroes who came into action, from the police to fire departments and every agency in between who got involved in the process including the FBI.

The days went by and slowly but surely the city of Boston was recovering from the attacks, life as Boston knew it, was also starting to come back to full force. The Bruins were playing in the Stanley Cup Playoffs and the Red Sox were off to a surprising start given the fact that the Red Sox had a 69-93 record in 2012.

It was just in June that the Bruins and Blackhawks made the Stanley Cup finals and had a great series, despite disappointment there was a lot of positives to come from the Stanley Cup run, it was just an amazing situation as a Boston sports fans got a chance to take a break from reality.

And after the Bruins season ended, the Boston sports fans had turned to the Red Sox, a team that always seemed to find a way to win, even coming from behind a lot. And even when the playoffs started I don’t think many fans expected to see them win a World Series. I think personally I felt like that they’d get past Tampa Bay, but Detroit I had my doubts and then I felt a little better against St. Louis because the Tigers offense is so much better and the Tigers had a great pitching staff to boot.

This championship is more important this time than it was in the past, not to take away from the past titles, they all are meaningful. But my favorite is this just because of the circumstances that led to it with the tragedy that started the year.

This isn’t to say that Boston has fully recovered, but a title is a big step forward for a city that tries to recover from a gut wrenching day caused by two men who were deeply disturbed. There is no telling what will happen to Dzhorhar Tsarnaev, but his day will come and his punishment will be severe one way or another and that will finally be closure for this city of Boston. This championship was just a bridge over to what will hopefully be justice in the end.

I am enjoying this championship, not as a huge baseball fan but as someone who has been to Boston and loved the city. The city of Boston is great and they truly deserve this, and I hope we get to see more titles soon.


The aftermath of the capture. End of Terror series: part 2 of 2

We pick up from Friday night and roll into Saturday, with three Boston sports teams playing there was a lot to keep track of. There were some that probably cared less because they had a family member die or still in the hospital and that is entirely understandable. But for the rest of Boston they were at the local sporting events or most likely watching them take place on the television.

The games in themselves seemed utterly unimportant, their was a celebration going on after the capture of Dzhokhar Zsarnaev, nothing could really ruin this weekend for Boston even if their teams did less than impressive. The Red Sox lost 2 of 3 to the Royals this weekend. The Bruins went 1-1 this weekend with a 3-2 loss to Pittsburgh and a 3-0 win over the listless Florida Panthers. The Celtics dropped game 1 of their opening round playoff series with the New York Knicks.

Results aside it was nice to see the City of Boston get back into the swing of things again. While it will be a long time before things get back to normal, the city is starting its comeback in impressive fashion. From pre-game videos honoring the the Boston Police Department to the fans singing the national anthem themselves to David Ortiz giving profane speeches, the sports side of Boston is back and stronger than ever.

The city on the other hand, that will be a slower process, and that is entirely understandable given the circumstances, and the mere fact that Tsarnaev hasn’t even been charged yet, there haven’t been any funerals for the victims, and there is still a whole legal battle to engage in. Boston is far from back to normal, however it is off to a good start of what can be a long journey back to normal. But hopefully that happens sooner rather than later.

But not just Boston but also the rest of the country, for example, I went to the Providence Bruins game on Friday night and I was a little nervous knowing that Tsarnaev was still on the loose, but then yesterday afternoon I went to the Providence Bruins game for their season ending game and felt a lot safer than I did on Friday night. I am sure there are several people who are like me whom feel more comfortable now that the bombers are off the streets.

This is a good time to end the article and extend my thoughts and prayers to the friends, and families of the slain victims, the medical personnel who had to witness the horrifying scene and work through those conditions, and with the victims still recovering from their injuries. I also want to send my thoughts and prayers to all effected in last weeks fertilizer plant explosion in Texas.

Boston Police nabs suspects, how and where I found out about it. End of Terror series: part 1 of 2

On Friday night the Boston Police and other law enforcement officials nabbed suspect 2 in the City of Watertown, MA hiding inside a boat in someones back yard. The Police had called off the search and had gotten a tip from a resident saying that they had found the someone injured in his boat and it ended up being suspect 2. There was a brief stand off between the suspect and police had before suspect 2 was apprehended and taken into custody alive, but during the shootout either the one that just happened Friday night or the one that took place on early Friday morning suspect two was critically injured. His brother who is known as suspect 1 was shot and killed Friday morning, he died at a local hospital from his injuries from a shootout that had taken place after they claimed the life of an MIT police officer.

Suspect 2 is now at a local hospital and is in serious condition, so bad in fact that police did not get a chance to question him on Saturday. Suspect 2 is expected to live through his injuries so if he goes through questioning we may get some answers.

Now onto the part where I found out because this is interesting. As you know I spent a lot of my Friday updating the site with news updates as the City of Boston and 3 others were put on lock down as the police tried to get the suspect. However you also might as noticed the updates stopped after 3PM. I had other things to attend to, a family member stopped over for awhile. And that night I went to the Providence Bruins game.

It was at the Providence Bruins game that I found out, after the second period the PA announcer informed the crowd that suspect 2 was captured and at this point, the crowd went crazy with applause and the USA chant. This was a great moment, probably one of the best moments at a hockey game I have ever had. Surely there were a lot of questions I had and I got a couple texting back and forth with a friend.

But knowing that he was captured really eased my mind, I was concerned going into the game that something might happen, I admit I am a little bit of a chicken, but that uncertainty I think is warranted considering you don’t know if he still had explosives on him, you know he had a gun so if he came to the Dunkin Donuts Center in Providence he might have had a chance to do a little damage. I mean sure there were State Police cars outside of the Dunkin Donuts Center but this man earlier in the day avoided an army of police so two State Police cars did not really mean much to me.

So the ending to Friday was a positive one, a Providence Bruins win, a rare alcoholic beverage, and a captured terrorist, there is nothing better than that to start the weekend.

Breaking News: FBI releases images/video of the suspects in Boston Marathon attack

The video of the suspects walking the street is below:


Suspect 1


Suspect 2


This is the hat that suspect 1 is believed to be wearing

The still frame pictures which are from the video I believe can be found here:

To Provide Tips in the Investigation

If you have visual images, video, and/or details regarding the explosions along the Boston Marathon route and elsewhere, submit them on No piece of information or detail is too small.

You can also call 1-800-CALL-FBI (1-800-225-5324), prompt #3, with information.


The City of Boston comes back at Bruins game, the first professional sports event since the Boston Marathon

Last night the City of Boston came back in full force to cheer on the Boston Bruins. With emotions running high, being the first professional sporting event since Monday’s cowardly attacks at the Boston Marathon the city came together to show unity, to show strength, to show that they will not be intimidated.

Emotions ran high even before the game even started with a beautiful video played on the HD-X scoreboard at center ice. And then it was a moment of silence for the victims before it came time to sing the National Anthem which was the most powerful part of the ceremony. It started with long time anthem singer Rene Rancourt singing the first line or two and then he gave it to the fans who did an admirable job finishing the song. You can also view that below:

Credit: Youtube user hockeystreams

Last night was the first time for me where it didn’t really matter how the Bruins did, it was about watching that moment before the game, the rest was just an added bonus. As I mentioned the other day while I may not live in Boston it is definitely a second home to me because I had to spend numerous nights at Boston Children’s Hospital. So to me that is my second home, a city I fell in love with, I have so many great moments in Boston, and some not so great moments as you can expect from being in the hospital but more great than bad moments. I know one thing, I felt safer in Boston than I did at the local hospitals here.

Enough about me, lets get to the game. The Bruins lost 3-2 in a shootout but with the loss they clinched a playoff spot and tied in points with the Montreal Canadiens. And because they have fewer games played they took over first in the Northeast division. Was the game perfect? No, but under the circumstances, no game would be.

I can do on and on about how proud of Boston I am, and the City of Boston should be of themselves, but it really goes without saying I think that Boston is back, while not fully well, it will be one day, even if that day isn’t until next year, one day, Boston will be the same, like it was, like it should always be. And as for the victims and their families, they will never be the same, nor will first responders. But when I say Boston will be the same I am referring to how the city handle themselves in their day by day life.

This is the end of my blog, and as I have said over and over since this story broke and it remains true, my thoughts and prayers are with the medical personnel, families and the victims.

A reflection of the Boston Marathon, the latest Tragedy, and an update of recent happenings. (UPDATED: 04/16/13; 12:35 PM ET)

What was supposed to happen:

The Boston Marathon is a annual event to celebrate Patriots day in the City of Boston, another event that happens is an annual 11 AM ET Red Sox game. Boston celebrates it’s history on this day, with sports, drinks, and it is usually a great day for families to just enjoy the City of Boston in the downtown neighborhoods. Patriots day is meant to be a great day in the city.

The reality:

Instead of yesterday’s marathon being a great event it turned into a day of terror for the City of Boston. It left multiple people injured, and a few deceased but also it put the immediate future of Boston in doubt. That isn’t to say the city will never be what it was, but it won’t be for a very long time. Life will go on, it has to not just for the city but also the nation. Boston can’t let this ruin them forever. It will take time, that much we know. But once the city gets back into the swing of a normal city again things will slowly but surely get back to normal but with higher police presence for the immediate future.

The images:

No I am not going to post any pictures of this act of terror, but I will describe in a little detail of what I saw. As I was watching the breaking news coverage from my home in Rhode Island I saw a couple things that stood out:

1. The heroic efforts of the Boston Police and Fire Departments, the Military personal on hand, and private ambulance companies. These men and women deserve a lot of credit for their heroic efforts, otherwise the death count could have been a lot higher. The national feeds didn’t do it justice, the local media showed the patients being rolled into ambulances and once one ambulance left, another was parked in its place and loaded, this went on for about an half an hour.

2. The destruction was un-matched in any attack in the City of Boston, I have never seen it look so bad, from barriers being ripped out to overhead shots of the sidewalk it happened on, it was hard to see all of that destruction, you can imagine what the sidewalk looked like.

The facts: Edited at 12:35 PM ET 4/16/13

These are the facts, and any other rumor should be considered that, a rumor until there is confirmation by authorities.

Latest Info:

  • 3 people deceased including an 8 year old boy, 170+ injured, multiple serious injuries which includes serious lower body injuries to the victims.
  • These were bombs that went off, this is being treated as an act of terror. What is not known is if it was a terror attack from the inside or from a international terrorist group.
  • Officials also made a plea to the public to turn in any photographic or digital evidence they have from the scene. “There have to be hundreds if not thousands of photographs or videos or observations there were made at the finish line yesterday,” Massachusetts State Police Superintendent Timothy Albert said. “I would encourage you to bring [it] forward.” They directed people with information to call 1-800-494-TIPS.

The website:

You might be wondering what we will do on the website. And the mere fact is that because this is one city we will move on with posting as we normally did. Yesterday we choose not to post anything because it was new and it was a decision made out of respect to the victims of this tragic event. I will get the normal NHL games to Watch piece up this afternoon and possibly an impressions piece on NHL 14’s first info that was released yesterday morning.

As I said yesterday and it remains true, our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families.

NOTES: Tonight’s Boston Celtics game has been canceled, and it will not be made up because it has zero importance to the playoff seedings. The Boston Bruins game last night was canceled and there is still no known make up date. There is a potential that it may not be made up.

Boston Marathon Tragedy

Today at about 2:50 PM ET two bombs went off near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. 2 people have been deceased and at least 50 are injured as many as 9 critically. At the time of this writing the scene is still active with police and fire departments. The extent of the injures range from minor to people losing limbs of various types.

Also the NHL announced that the Senators @ Bruins game has been canceled which is not at all a surprise.

This is personal to me since I live roughly 50 miles from Boston so this hits close to home. Not to mention I have spent several days and nights in Boston Children’s Hospital so Boston more or less is a second home to me so seeing this is hard for me.

Out of respect we will not be posting anything for the rest of the day, and I will provide an update tomorrow.

Our thoughts are with the victims and others involved.

Boston: For assistance to reunite with family members 1-617-635-4500
Boston Police 1-800-494-TIPS (8477)

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