NHL 15 Review (PS3 and Xbox 360)


It is a little less than three weeks until the NHL season kicks off on October 8th and that means NHL video games are out, or should I say EA’s NHL game is out. How does NHL 15 match up against NHL 14? Read the review to find out.

NHL 14 was a good solid game that was supposed to be the foundation to NHL 15 on PS4 and Xbox 360, and in a way this is true because many people have the new consoles and will end up buying NHL 15 on them just to have it. But for those who stuck around on the PS3 and Xbox 360, what is in store for them? Let us take a look.

(NOTE: There will be no screen shots in the review as I have not seen any online and I did not take any myself. The game looks similar to last year and the menus are the same. So I felt no reason to add them at the time of review, the part where I mention polish to the visuals I mean the players look a little better and I cannot quite put my finger on how, but there is a visual improvement but nothing like on PS4 and Xbox One.)


The game plays very much the same, the main difference that I have noticed is that the puck bounce is much more realistic, no more does the puck bounce around like it is a tennis ball in the corner which makes the game feel better to play as opposed to ’14 because it seems more fair when you truly win a race to the puck.

Other smaller improvements to gameplay include multi-player physics and seemingly smoother gameplay all around, unfortunately though the game does not receive the puck physics that the next gen versions receive but even with the little tweaks the game seems to play better but there is no huge differences.

There appears to also be slightly better AI in NHL 15 also, but overall the game feels and plays the same as prior versions but with some decent fine tuning along the way.


The game doesn’t receive much visual improvement, I have noticed a slight upgrade because it looks like the game has gotten some polished visuals, but if you are interested in major improvements it won’t be found anywhere but on PS4 and Xbox One so be careful of that if you are thinking the visuals you are seeing in previews will be on PS3 and Xbox One because they just simply are not there and cannot be there because the hardware is not up to par to support them on those platforms.

Game Modes

I have not dug into Live the Life mode but I am going to assume it is the same as last year since I’ve heard nothing about any changes to the mode, which is too bad because EA could have easily have built on this mode and taken it to the next level.

Be a GM is fully featured in PS3/Xbox 360 unlike the next gen counterparts, and I am happy about that because it is solid yet not great mode that I can usually get into all year long, doing a few of them a year. The one thing I did notice from my time playing with the mode is that they fixed the scouting issue where the scout would claim to have finished scouting a region and it ended up being the region that he was currently scouting.

Of course since Be a GM is the same for the most part it also means that the GM rep is still there and that kind of annoys me because every year and every one of these I do I always end up with a bad rep even though I am trying to make a modest and fair trade. Some people might like it, but to me it is a pain and unrealistic. You should not get punished for trying to make trades, particularly if the trades you are offering are close to or exactly fair value. I can understand rival teams being tougher to trade with but most teams are usually pretty decent.

Other modes including are NHL 94 mode, season mode, playoffs mode, and I believe also Battle for The Cup mode. There are no additional modes for offline.


While I have not taken the chance to hop online for a game, I did want to mention the modes online for PS3 and Xbox One since the Gen 4 versions are stripped of a few modes that are here. Off of the top of my head the online modes are:

  • Versus
  • Shootout
  • GM Connected
  • Online Team Play

As I mentioned I have not had the time to play online, but I also have not seen any reports of online not working in NHL 15 so take that with a grain of salt.


NHL 15 is a solid offering for offline, the game packs minor gameplay improvements and some fixes in Be A GM that should benefit the mode in the long run. If you have not played a PS3/Xbox 360 version of NHL in awhile then this might be worth a look. If however you have any prefer to upgrade to next gen then it is up to you.

Personally I was lucky to get a review copy from EA because the game is as good and as fun as I remember. Which is good because the next gen version is stripped of some depth in its modes so this is a nice throwback option for me when I just want to manage a Be a GM and not have to worry about things like automatic drafts.

Personally if I were to recommend this game I’d recommend it as a value bin or sale option. Black Friday sales are usually a good time to grab EA games so I’d wait til then if you don’t want to pay full price for this game. Because quite frankly it is a lot like NHL 14, so waiting for this would benefit the customer.


NHL 15 Review Box for ps3 and xbox 360


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