Watch_Dogs Previews around the Web


I came across a few previews for Watch_Dogs yesterday after the latest trailer was launched, and the May 27th release date was announced, and overall my excitement for the game is renewed because the previews came back positively. Unfortunately being a small blog I am not afforded the same opportunity to play the game or any other games for that matter before its release so I along with others obviously have to read previews from other outlets that have been given the chance to play these games.

So as I was reading them, I tried to get a gauge on the game and like I mentioned above they all came back positive, so there is nothing I am concerned about because there was nothing to report judging from what I read in terms of glitches or hiccups except for this one little piece which can be read below from the Polygon preview:

I hacked the front gates open, and then turned on the sound device. A guard walked over to figure out what it was, and I set off the explosion, blowing him off his feet and killing him.

A bug prevented the other guards from noticing the explosion outside, so I was able to slip in and hide behind a wall. Using the cameras in the compound, I scouted the area, tagging all of the bad guys. I skipped my view from the cameras mounted high above the courtyard to ones mounted on the vest of a guard, using his patrol to help locate the computer.

Certainly this would be a cause for concern typically if you read the entire preview and spotted where it said that, but with a little less than three months before the game ships, I think that the bug will be fixed before the release.

Once you read the preview pieces below if you haven’t come across them already I think you will share in my excitement for the game. Of course over the next couple of months I hope we got more information and videos to tide us over to the release of Watch_Dogs.

Below are links of previews done around the web, I sorted them by personal favorite previews, that way if you are on a time crunch you can try to read the best of the previews now, and possibly the rest later.

This is a hilarious preview, at least I thought it was funny, it was witty and sarcastic all in one. It was easily my favorite preview.

Another well done preview, and this also has a video that has interviews with the development team which also revealed why the game was delayed.

This is a nice 3 page/section preview done by Game Informer, it is broken down into sections such as information on the game, hands on impressions, and so on.

Marty Silva of IGN reports his impressions of Watch_Dogs, another worthwhile preview.

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