Watch Dogs Trailer and Release Date Set


Today Ubisoft revealed the release dates for all versions of Watch_Dogs except for the WiiU version and that date is May 27, 2014.The WiiU version will come out on a later date.

Accompanying that news was a new Watch_Dogs in a trailer that tells more about the story of Watch_Dogs where it is learned that he is seeking revenge for his daughters death. The trailer doesn’t say how the 6 year old was killed but there is no doubt that the game will offer a lot of details into that as we progress, and since it has been learned that this was a family ordeal I would not be surprised if his wife was also murdered as well, granted there is no evidence to support this as there is with the daughters tombstone, but I don’t recall seeing Aiden Pearce’s wife anywhere in screens or videos leading up to this. So it would make sense to assume that the wife was also a victim of the hit on Aiden Pearce.

You can watch the trailer below for the roughly two and a half minute story trailer.

Overall I was underwhelmed by it, I was hoping for more. I mean it is nice to have an idea of what the game centers around now, but overall it still looks a lot like the same game. Perhaps the IGN coverage on the game later today will bring more info as to what really is happening in the game.

Overall though, it is nice to see the game back on the radar, but is it too late? I will do a piece on that and release it soon.

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