Video Game News; March 5th

Video Game News

  • There is an expectation that there will be new Watch Dogs material coming out this week, according to a report from Gamespot it might feature a trailer along with the release date on the “new” game. I am interested to see if they improved the visuals, if anything that was the weakest point of the game. Well that and to this point we really do not know a whole bunch about the game as a whole outside of Aiden Pierce is out to do damage to those who somehow harmed his family. The game looked and sounded fantastic before the delay, but if there was one weakness that Ubisoft had, it was the lack of real info on the game.
  • On Tuesday Rockstar Games released its “The Business Update” for GTA Online. The release offers 3 more new cars, a couple more weapons, a new jet, and a collection of new clothes.
  • SCEA has put out a couple of new blogs on Operation Sports this week, the first one dug into your Universal Profile and Stubs which is virtual currency but not used like it was in NBA 2k14, you can read that here, and the second one released today goes into Online Franchise which can be read here.
  • A notable release this week was South Park: The Stick of Truth was has released to some good fan fare, it was released on Ps3, Xbox 360, and PC.

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