NHL Games to Watch; March 3rd

NHL games to watch

Canadiens @ Kings 10:30 PM ET|7:30 PM PT (TSN-HABS|PRIME TICKET|RDS)

This game will feature two teams that play different styles, the Canadiens are more offensive minded of the two teams which makes for an interesting contrast. They typically have to rely on Carey Price to help them out, while the Kings are a strong team on defense with an Olympic caliber goalie in Jonathan Quick to help them win games. So we in a sense have a game where we will see which style eventually wins out. This is also a great test for the Canadiens because they are going to be playing two teams in a row that could make a run at the Stanley Cup finals in LA and Anaheim, and while I don’t view the Canadiens as a team that will be in the Stanley Cup finals, I do think this is a great measuring stick for the Canadiens to see where they stand, I expect them to put up a good fight.

But in the end I think the Kings will beat the Canadiens 3-1, the Candiens still suffer from being a smaller team, and they are going to have battles with a team that can be physically punishing, and mix that with a team that can score on a couple quick strikes and we’ve got a team that can and usually will smoother the opponent into defeat.

Honorable Mention(s)

Blue Jackets @ Maple Leafs 7 PM ET|4 PM PT (FS-Ohio|SNET-Ontario)

Flames @ Wild 8 PM ET|5 PM PT (SNET-West|FS-North)


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