New Poll shows Next Gen Video Game Console buying decision hindered on multiple factors


According to results on a poll done by, the main factors for gamers next generation buying decision came in form of brand loyalty, price, and to a lesser extent specs. According to the results in the poll of just under 1,747 of the sites readers the following numbers have been observed:

PlayStation 3 Owners:

  • 51% bought the PlayStation 4 (loyal gamers)
  • 8% bought the Xbox One (swing gamers)

Xbox 360 Owners:

  • 42% bought the Xbox One (loyal gamers)
  • 14% bought the PlayStation 4 (swing gamers)

Dual-Platform Owners:

  • 35% bought the PlayStation 4
  • 23% bought the Xbox One

Also according to the results brand loyalty remained the top reason for staying on their current system. 32% of Xbox 360 owners reported this and 30% of PS3 owners reported brand loyalty as a reason for their purchase. Also of note in this poll is the fact that two times the number of Xbox 360 users cited console price for not buying the next generation version rather that of PS3 owners who did not purchase a PS4 for the same reason.

According to the poll conducted, 14% of Xbox 360 owners bought the PS4 over the Xbox One, conversely only 8% of PS3 owners opted to buy an Xbox One. These numbers are represented above in the swing gamers characteristic in the percentages above.

What about those who have owned or do own both consoles? 35% of these console owners picked PS4 over Xbox One, and 23% of these owners purchased an Xbox One over PS4. The main reason cited it specifications of the consoles.

Just 2% of PS3 users bought both the PS4 and Xbox One, and 1% of Xbox 360 users both PS4 and Xbox One.

Other close margins had to do with the amount of users who did not buy either next generation consoles. 42% of Xbox 360 users did not buy either PS4/Xbox One compared to 39% of PS3 owners who did not buy either console.

I stress that this is just a poll of roughly 1,750 particapants and not close to the actual number of video game owners whether next gen or current gen, but I find these numbers interesting because they actually reflect what I think most PS4/Xbox One buyers thought about when they made their decisions. Surely in some cases, money wasn’t an issue so buying both wasn’t a problem and I think that’s great that these people are well off, but not everyone had that choice, and that is what makes the buying decision so difficult for many.


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