Finland wins Bronze in Olympics


Team Finland beat team USA 5-0 in the Bronze medal game, the Fins controlled the game from the second period on. The Fins broke out in the second scoring 2 goals in 11 seconds early in the second period to take a 2-0 lead and the US were not able to rebound from it. The USA looked lost during the second and third periods from there on out. The third period featured bad penalties and three goals against for the period.

The Americans failed to medal despite playing a good tournament going into the semi-final round. And then they failed to score in their final two games ending the Olympics on a 138 minute goal scoring drought.

To Finland’s credit they got a strong goaltending performance by Tuukka Rask registering 27 saves, and the goal scoring from Teemu Selanne who registered 2 goals.

I personally believe part of the USA’s woes was the coaching staffs unwillingness to change the lines when it was obvious that the lines they had already were not working. Most puzzling was the heavy reliance on Ryan Kesler, who played a lot the last couple of games despite not showing much in the offensive zone. I would have liked to have seen Joe Pavelski get more minutes with Parise and Kane to see if that would generate more offense. I mean as it happened, the offense was nowhere to be seen their last two games.

Granted some would say “why change something that was working?” and I would reply to that with “because it clearly isn’t working anymore and adjustments are usually needed on the fly”. I am not sure whether coach Blysma has had to change strategies before or not with the Penguins because they are usually offensive minded so there is little to no adjustments needed.

But overall Finland just crippled the USA’s offensive attack and deserved to win, they outclassed the US in every aspect of the game and took home the Bronze.



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