AHL Brawl: Pirates vs Phantoms from Sun. Feb. 16th

A crazy hockey brawl broke out yesterday in Portland, Maine between the Portland Pirates and the Adirondack (a city based in New York) Phantoms which featured five fights, a goalie fight, and a penalty minute total of 329 combined with a good majority of it coming in the final 22 seconds of the game.

Instead of acting like I know why it escalated into this, I will just let you look at the replay of two events that will likely lead to suspensions. First let’s get to the brawl because it happened before the second event.

As you will see goalie Cal Heeter left the bench for the Phantoms, which in the NHL would be an automatic ten game suspension, but according to my printed AHL rulebook from the 2008-2009 season the first player to leave the bench is to be suspended six regular season/playoff games, and the second player from either team to leave the bench shall be suspended three regular season/playoff games. So if the rule is still the same than Heeter will be suspended six games.

(Author’s Note: After checking the 2013-2014 rulebook, the rules regarding players leaving the bench are the same as the 2008-2009 rulebook)

Now lets move on to incident number two, it is a fight between Zack FitzGerald and Kyle Hagel. It isn’t the fight itself, it is the beginning because 3 seconds after the faceoff the whistle blew (I am still not clear as to why), and Zack FitzGerald went over to Kyle Hagel and gave him a high hit towards the head, the video is not clear enough to tell if it was a stick, elbow or shoulder but he did give Hagel a bit of a cheap shot, so Hagel went after him with two hard slashes and the players dropped the gloves and went at it. And after the referees stepped in to break up the fight Hagel threw a late punch cheap shotting FitzGerald at the end. A video of the incident is below.

Chances are both players will be suspended, and the AHL will be announcing multiple suspensions for this game alone, not to mention any other incidents that have happened over the weekend.


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