My Olympic Medal Predictions for Hockey

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Now that the tournament is set for the medals, now is a time to update my thoughts on the outcomes. If you had read my original predictions then it will be very similar to my initial thinking. In the qualification round, the top four teams in the tournament do not play. The top four teams were: 1. Sweden, 2. USA, 3. Canada and 4. Finland.

Below I will do round by round predictions starting with the qualifications all the way to the medal games. Seems pretty basic and simple so let me hop to it.

Qualification Round Predictions:
(9) Austria over (8) Slovenia will face (1) Sweden.
(5) Russia over (12) Norway will face (4) Finland.
(7) Czech Rep. over (10) Slovakia will face (2) USA.
(6) Switzerland over Latvia will face (3) Canada

Quarterfinal Round Predictions
(1) Sweden over (9) Austria.
(5) Russia over (4) Finland.
(2) USA over (7) Czech Republic.
(3) Canada over (6) Switzerland

(1) Sweden over (4) Finland.
(3) Canada over (2) USA

Medal Round
(3) Canada over (1) Sweden meaning that Canada gets gold and Sweden gets Silver. The only thing that worries me about Sweden is the loss of Henrik Zetterberg.
(2) USA over (4) Finland meaning that the USA gets bronze.

However keep in mind Russia is a very very good team and could easily jump into a medal spot with the offense they have. The bigger rinks might play into their favor, though I am not sure how big the rinks are for the KHL so it may not even have any difference.

Sweden might not even medal, they took a big hit with the Zetterberg injury in my opinion. The Swedes will need King Henrik to step up and deliver a blow to their opponents in order for the Swedes to have a legitimate shot at the silver medal I have them penned in for.

Finland could also jump into a medal position as well it will depend on Tuukka Rask and the rest of the team to play solid hockey in front of him. Which to Finland’s credit, they have.

One thing I am worried about for the USA is the fact that I still do not like their scoring ability even if Phil Kessel had a hat trick today. Can the US continue to bank on shootout contributions from TJ Oshie? We’ll have to wait and see. One of the things about the USA I love however is the 1-2 goaltending combination of Jonathan Quick and Ryan Miller both of which are superb goalies for their teams this season even if Miller has the misfortune of playing for an abysmal Buffalo Sabres team this season.

Canada also worries me a little because they do not seem to be clicking like I expected, it would not surprise me to see them lose to the USA in the 2 vs 3 match up for that reason. Though they destroyed Austria in their second game like they should have done so there was that bit of encouraging.


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