Olympic Coverage Plans and thoughts on Russian Government’s handling of stray dogs

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The Olympics are upon us and one of the sports involved is my favorite sport which is hockey, but there are also other good sports such as snowboarding and bobsledding on tap for the Olympics as well and those also are interesting to me since these sports are not on all that often since they are seasonal sports.

However I will not be covering the Olympics too much during the time, and it is on for two reasons.

Number one, I am going to be working hard on a project during this time as a part of future coverage on this site and expanding what I can do, unfortunately I am not ready to reveal what that will entail as of yet, but I will say that this project as been in progress for several weeks now, so I am excited to reveal what I have cooking but it isn’t quite that time yet as we speak. But the goal is to have you filled in by the time the NHL picks back up which is on February 26th.

The second reason is a personal reason. As a dog lover I am sickened to my stomach when I hear that the guards in Russia are killing stray dogs that go near the Olympic site, and even worse is that these are the animals (most of them anyway) of the families that Russian officials forced out of their homes so they could build the Olympic site. So not only are people out of their homes so they could be demolished to accommodate plans for the Olympics but also they might now also be without their dogs. And to me that is no good reason, and it really made me consider boycotting the Olympics entirely. However my interest in hockey is just too strong not to at least watch that. But if I did boycott the Olympics, this would have been the main reason.

At this point I’ve seen very little of these Olympic games, and I am okay with that for the reasons above, however I usually do not spend much time watching the games anyway so this is no different this year. In fact it is easier not to watch since the games happen overnight in America for the most part.

If I choose to watch the Olympics it will probably just be hockey and possibly snowboarding, and even that may be pushing it.

I am doing a hockey preview this week and possibly cover that action like I usually do for the NHL, but I will not put the Olympics over other projects that I have going on.

Besides by watching I feel like I am supporting what Russia is doing to these poor dogs, and I really don’t want to make it seem like I am supporting the Russians choice to put the dogs to sleep, there must be better ways to control that problem but they are not interested in that.

Obviously, in the past I have tried my very best to separate my personal beliefs from this blog unless that is my intent within a given article such as video game reviews. However in this case, it is hard not to with innocent animals being killed off just to make sure the Olympic site is clear of animals. I will not remain silent on that issue, it is a very important one to raise, because who is to say other officials in the future won’t do the same sort of thing? And the sad answer to this is, no one can say whether or not it can or will happen again, so the more people that cover and report this, the better the chances of it not happening again in future Olympic sites.


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