Super Bowl XLVIII Prediction

SuperBowl Prediction 2

Sunday February 2nd will be Super Bowl 48 (better known as XLVIII) and the Denver Broncos are going to face the Seattle Seahawks for the right to hold the Vince Lombardi trophy in the middle of MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. I am not going to pretend I am a football expert, my main sports focus is hockey and it has always been that way so I am not going to do a huge blog here that will be mind blowing.

However with that said, I will say that I believe that defense wins championships and I think the Seahawks probablt have one of the best defenses in recent memory in terms of playing in the Super Bowl. In fact the last time a great, hard hitting defense played in the Super Bowl was probably the 2007 Chicago Bears even though the Indianapolis Colts beat them 29-17. Denver’s offense however is one of the best in the history of the game, which is saying a lot because the league has turned itself into an offensive league, granted it isn’t at Arena Football levels but games are getting closer and closer by the season.

As I mentioned above I believe in defense winning championships, so I am going to predict a 27-21 Seattle Seahawks victory, and I will predict this as Russell Wilson’s coming out party, I think he’ll pass for at least 300 yards in this game. I think Peyton Manning will have issues passing the football against a great pass defense, therefore I will predict he throws at least one interception but I believe two is more likely.

Either way whether you have a rooting interest or not, and being a Patriots fan I don’t have one, it should be a great game. It should also help measure just how much offense reigns supreme in the NFL these days with all the defense tacky penalties they call. The Broncos could very well put up 40 and make me look like a clown, however I just think Seattle has too much skill for that sort of offensive showing.

Enjoy the game guys and gals, I know I will!


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