NHL Games to Watch; Weekend Edition January 25-26

Games to Watch

Saturday January 25th

Bruins @ Flyers 1 PM ET (TV: NESN|CSN Philly|NHLN US)

This game could be interesting because both the Bruins and Flyers are playing well and they play a very similar style on the ice, a tough gritty type of game which to me is good because I like seeing physical games once in awhile.

Wild @ Sharks 10:30 PM ET (TV: FS-N|CSN-CA)

This game might be overshadowed by the game in LA but it should be a great game to switch over to if you live in the area it is being played or have NHL Center Ice/Gamecenter Live, the teams are both in a playoff race midway through this season.

Sunday January 26th

Coyotes @ Canucks 8 PM ET (FS-AZ|SNET-P)

This should be a good game between these teams, both offenses are good and the Coyotes are having a good season which is nice to see for a team that is finally able to look forward instead of wondering where they will play next season.

Outdoor Games

Along with the games to watch there will be two outdoor games being played on the weekend. Both games should give us a taste of something different in terms of weather. The winter classic had the snow and cold temps but these should be different. The forecast for LA has the high of 80°  and a game time temp of about 60° F/14° C projected. Whereas the game in the Bronx, NY has a forecast of 20° F/-7° C with sunny skies. I think the better of the two games will be the Ducks @ Kings game assuming the ice co-operates with the high temperatures.

SAT: Ducks @ Kings 9:30 PM ET (Dodger Stadium|TV: NBCSN/CBC/RDS2)

SUN: Rangers @ Devils 12:30 PM ET (Yankee Stadium|TV: NBC/CBC)


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