Intensity in NHL Picking Up


Screen Capture from NHL Gamecenter Live of John Tortorella trying to get into the Flames locker room to address the Flames coaching staff.

It’s becoming apparent that the heat in the NHL action is picking up. The games over the last week or so have been fun hit filled games with a lot on the line as the season begins to make it to a near critical point of the season, which is usually reserved for February but with the Olympics being this season a lot of the ugly stuff is actually starting now rather than later in the season which to me is fine, the more the merrier, I thoroughly enjoy this type of thing.

But just because I enjoy doesn’t mean it is good for the league, especially when you have coaches trying to get in the other teams locker room, that is going too far and the NHL layed the boom down on John Tortorella with a 15 day suspension and fined Bob Hartley of the Flames $25,000 for starting his fourth line which was matched by John Tortorella’s fourth line and a line brawl broke out just two seconds into the hockey game. The rest of the game was pretty uneventful, but the opening was both surprising and really unnecessary from the get go.

A video of this incident can be seen below, video courtesy of

And then there was last night where the Penguins and Canadiens had a scuffle in Marc-Andre Fluery’s crease and Fluery left his crease to get away from the action, and the goalies started making gestures to each other and Fluery and Peter Budaj  who replaced Carey Price wanted to get into a fight as the other action was going on. However the goalies were not allowed to go because of the linemen intercepted them.

If they had gotten into a fight, this would have been the 4th goalie fight in hockey since September between the NHL and AHL which is an incredible number considering the number of goalie fights haven’t been adding up much over the last decade. The last season with more than two goalie fights in the NHL was 2010-2011 when Tim Thoms fought Carey Price and Brent Johnson beat up and injured Rick Dipietro in a one punch knock out.

Overall though, I like the intensity picking up so far, this is why hockey is my favorite sport. Because between the late season games and the playoffs the NHL definitely adds some real action to its game at this part of the season. I am a hockey fan all year long but admittedly the end of the season and into the playoffs are the best parts of the year. And we’re heading there now which should ultimately mean more craziness in the coming months, and more importantly better games on the schedule.


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