NHL Games to Watch; December 17th

Games to Watch


Tonight has a lot of great games, let’s take a look below on how things should shake out for the night.

Ducks @ Red Wings 7:30 PM ET (FS-PT/FS-D)

This game has a lot of history built into it because it seems like every year these teams play in the playoffs and have intense series. That is the one thing the NHL took away from the fans is some rivalries, but that also opens up the possibility for new ones to form. But the NHL did the right thing by making the conferences play one another twice a season. This keeps old rivals alive to an extent and it builds up the potential for potential Stanley Cup Finals previews in which what this game is. A possible preview of the Stanley Cup Finals. Imagine if that happened though, it would be a fun series just based on prior playoff match ups.

Capitals @ Flyers 7:30 PM ET (NBCSN/TSN/CSN-Mid Atlantic/CSN-PHI)

I don’t feel like doing a preview for this game outside of the following picture:

Washington Capitals v Philadelphia Flyers


Well I guess I’ll do more, this is the second half of a home and home, the last game the Capitals won 5-4 in a shootout after trailing the Flyers 4-1 at one point.

Sharks @ Blues 8 PM ET (CSN-CA/FS-MW)

This game should be a fantastic game, not only should the game be physical because of the hatred these teams have, but the game could be high scoring which if you like offensive displays will make you very happy.

Canucks @ Wild 8 PM ET (SNET-P/FS-N)

Unlike the Sharks-Blues this one could be a low scoring affair. Both teams seem to deploy a defensive style. The Canucks also have a impressive 7 game winning streak going on currently and are marching up the standings.


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