Thanksgiving and Sports on Today

Today is Thanksgiving in the USA so I wanted to wish my fellow Americans a Happy Thanksgiving. Today is a day to give thanks for what we have, whether it be good health, good wealth, good family, or whatever you may be thankful for. Today is meant to celebrate what you have even if you have very little and times are tough, there is probably something that you are thankful for even if it is a short list of things that you have, appreciate it, because some people might have it far worse.

Personally I am thankful to be in good health, to have all of my family in good health, and to have this little blog be as successful as it has been, I never would have imagined I’d still be doing this blog when I first started it back in late February, and I never could have dreamed to have the following I do on here, it truly has been a blessing to me, and I appreciate the support I’ve gotten from fellow WordPress users during the past year.

I’m also thankful for the help I’ve gotten with this effort from companies such as Electronic Arts and Ubisoft, because for me to have such great communications with these companies is a welcome surprise I wasn’t expecting when I started looking for ways to add content to this site, those two companies in particular (but to be clear they aren’t the only ones I’ve had success with but they’re the biggest partners of ours to this point of time) have been amazing to me and I can not thank them enough for their support in the first of hopefully many years on this journey.

With that message out of the way, I am going to close this Thanksgiving message with the sports schedule on today for the NFL and NHL, there might be college football on ESPN later as well since it is Thursday, it might be worth a look on the programming guide.


Vancouver @ Ottawa 7:30 PM ET (NHLN-US/SNET-VAN/SNET-OTT)

Oilers @ Predators 8 PM ET (SNET-EDM)


*I tried looking for the Canadian listings for the NFL but had trouble figuring it out, please take the following info as guesses and feel free to correct the information in the comments*

Packers @ Lions 12:30 PM ET (FOX/City TV)

Raiders @ Cowboys 4:30 PM ET (CBS/City TV/RDS2)

Steelers @ Ravens 8:20 PM ET (NBC/Sportsnet/RDS2)


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