NHL Game to Watch; November 26th

Games to Watch


Ducks @ Stars 8 PM ET (TSN2/NBCSN)

The only game on tonight and it should be a good one. The Ducks and Stars have a long history of bad blood dating back to the 1990’s and while it has cooled down quite a bit, the steam is still there for things to break out in a physical way. Last February there was a game between these teams with a lot of nastiness, so I will be hoping and looking for more of them same. Because lets be honest, if there is one thing about rivalries that make it interesting and fun it has to be the physicality of the games. Not necessarily fights, but big hits and chirping at one another, that is what makes some of hockey’s best rivalries so appealing especially in the case of Boston and Montreal or Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

This rivalry isn’t to those ones, but it is noteworthy especially in the days where they had a couple brawls the teams hated each other. I mean seriously, guys like Darryl Sydor don’t make habit out of fighting, but they had their battles against the Ducks in years past and it all really started when Craig Ludwig elbowed Teemu Selanne in the head on March 13th in 1998 in what sparked two brawls in the final five minutes of the game. The score at the time of the hit was 5-1 and the game for all intents and purposes was over when the hit happened, so as they say, all hell broke loose in the latter portions of the third period.

And while the rivalry is more civil now than it was then, it is still a little nasty as of last season, so hopefully, for people like me, it still has a taste of bitterness to it tonight and all season long.


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