My Next Gen Choice Was Easy


Here we are, the day of the launch of the PS4, and I have not even written about which console I got yet, but the picture above and the PS4 controller hands on impressions piece are a dead give-away.  So as I wait for the PS4 to come in, I wanted to write this piece and sort of explain why I choose this system over Xbox One, and what the plans on for the future.

Why PS4?

Well as you might already know, my current console is the PS3, and I enjoy playing on it. So when it came time to choose a Next Generation console I already had a solid reason to pick PS4 over whatever Microsoft had to offer. So when the time came to pre-order a console I had that in the bag but also at that point Microsoft was also saying how an online connection would be required to play on the Xbox One and that is one thing I didn’t want to do, partially because I didn’t fully have a grasp on what it meant. By online connection, did they mean be logged in to Xbox Live all the time? Or did they mean have a signal via wi-fi? That part kind of confused me in a sense, as smart as I like to think I am, there was a question about that. And since I play a lot of PSN and Xbox Live when I had the 360, I did not want to be committed to having to sign onto Xbox Live.

There were also other elements that factored into my purchasing decision. One being that I once had an original Xbox 360 and I ran into so many problems with it, it was more of a hassle to own the console than it was to keep it. I ended up trading it in since I wasn’t using it anymore after purchasing a PS3. Another one of the main reasons that I purchased a PS4, was I liked what I saw out of Sony’s E3 Press Conference, no restrictions that the Xbox One had at the time, and the price was what I was hoping for. Once the PS4 was said to cost $100 less than Xbox One I was sold. I mean sure that may sound like the cheap way out, but it wasn’t the biggest factor, but it certainly was the deciding factor.

The Games

At the time of the pre-order I had originally pre-ordered Battlefield 4 and Watch_Dogs. And obviously, that isn’t the line up I ended up with as Watch_Dogs was delayed until sometime in 2014. So that made me have to scramble to make more choices on launch day games.

What I ended up doing was buying Battlefield 4, and NBA 2k14 along with an extra controller. I also had Madden 25 pre-ordered but I canceled it once I realized that it was pretty much the same game I have on PS3. That isn’t to say Madden 25 is a bad game, I just don’t need or want two of them in my games shelf, I mean heck it’s full as it is.

There are actually two games on the PSN store I am considering trying out, one is Resogun and the other is one I wasn’t even looking at but it is called Blacklight: Retribution. These games are both free for PS+ members and both should be fine additions to any game library, especially if you didn’t pre-order many games.

The Apps

PS4 also comes with apps, the ones I will be looking at right off the bat will be Netflix, and NHL Gamecenter Live. Mainly NHL Gamecenter Live to see how stable it is, since the PS3 GCL app is good but suffers from buffering issues, otherwise it is a fantastic replacement for NHL Center Ice if you ever decided cable just wasn’t worth it.


The Future

While launch day games are sort of weak for PS4, there is a reason I kept the pre-order and it is future games. Games such as Watch_Dogs, Tom Clancy’s The Division, and MLB ’14 the Show will be great purchases in the future. Plus Madden ’15 or 26 however they choose to name it will probably be a solid addition to the PS4 and Xbox One’s line up in the summer time. Add on NHL ’15 and NBA 2k15 next fall and that could lead to some seriously good games on my radar.

However games that might not be on the radar now but could end up there such as Metal Gear Solid V and Infamous: Second Son.

Also in the future I can see myself investing in an Playstation Vita to check out the remote play and second screen functions offered on the PS4 link option on the Vita.

And probably once the Xbox One gets a price cut I’ll look into purchasing that as well to play some Xbox One exclusives such as Halo, and Forza 5.

Future Game Coverage Plans

The plan for coverage is still being finalized, you’ll definitely get reviews but when is still in the air and what games come first is still up for consideration since I have requests out for other games but no definitive answers at this point.

Long term I hope to get a feel for how the Vita and PS Camera work with the console and make use of its features. And eventually I would like to add an Xbox One to the mix so I can get more varied coverage for the site especially when it comes to Xbox One exclusives such as Forza Motorsport 5, Halo and Dead Rising 3.

I will also be looking at a couple apps to see if there are any performance issues/improvements and report my findings there. I will be mainly looking at  NHL Gamecenter Live, and Netflix since I am familiar with both on PS3.


Just because I picked up a PS4 over the Xbox One doesn’t mean I hate the Xbox One. Truth is that I’ve never played it, nor have I played the PS4 at the time of this writing. But considering the fact that I had issues with my old Xbox I was concerned with the quality of the launch Xbox One’s and I think I have a good reason to be considering how the Xbox 360 fared in the beginning stages.

While I say that I also want to make it known that I am aware of the PS4 launch issues, but Sony says it appears to be affecting just 0.4% of launch consoles, I feel terrible for the ones that have the issue, and I pray that these isolated incidents remain that way so other PS4 owners can enjoy their consoles on launch day and beyond. But these issues have me considering purchasing an extended warranty so that I can have some sort of protection should my PS4 bottom out past the original 12 month warranty that comes with the PS4 which is a purchase that I wasn’t planning on since I’ve been blessed with all of my Playstation’s lasting a long time to this point, so I hope that once I purchase this extended warranty, that I don’t need it. Surely that might sound like I wasted money, but I would have peace of mind knowing that I’d be covered.

In terms of the future? Outside of what’s listed above about the PS Camera, PS Vita, and a likely future purchase of Xbox One, I am pretty much thinking that the games will be a main focus from this point forward, and really if you think about it, that is how it should be.




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