NHL Top 3/Bottom 3 for Week 4

NHL Season 3 series

Top 3

3. Anaheim Ducks (12-3-1)

The Ducks had another successful week going 2-0-1 and it very well could have been a perfect week if not for a loss to the Boston Bruins blowing a late game lead only to lose in overtime. The Ducks are another great offense in the league but the goaltending and defense are suffering from it.

2. San Jose Sharks (10-1-3)

Easily the greatest show on ice this season, the offense is clicking a little less now than it once was but it is still a real oiled machine. The Sharks are simply one of the best teams in the league on a consistent basis, but falter in the playoffs. I hope this year they continue to make noise deep into the playoffs. This team is too good not to make a deep run.

1. Colorado Avalanche (12-1-0)

Part of my rankings include the fun factor in terms of watching, the Avalanche are fun to watch but a little less so than the Sharks and Ducks. But that doesn’t to take anything away from the Avs because they’ve been pretty darn good to this point with just one total loss.

Bottom 3

28. Florida Panthers (3-8-3)

The Florida Panthers are a surprising team with how bad they are. I gave them a pass last season because of a lock out shortened season. But this year the team has no excuse for not being better. The Panthers have God awful goaltending this season and they’ve done nothing to try to fix it. And there are trade rumors already surrounding the Panthers.

29. Edmonton Oilers (3-10-2)

The Oilers continue to baffle me, I thought they’d be competitive but now I am convinced that they are destined for another down year. But overall I still love the teams future moving forward.

30. Buffalo Sabres (2-13-1)

The Sabres continue to flat out suck, there is no nice way to word what’s happened this season. The Sabres have a -23 goal differential and that is while getting pretty solid goal tending from USA National team goal tending hopeful Ryan Miller. And the Sabres are already beginning to re-build. The best move they’re made is putting Patrick Kaleta on waivers.

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