Madden 25 and The Reason to be Worried


I recently read an article on Pastapadre and he discussed the fact that EA has missed the prime opportunity to showcase NBA Live 14 and I agree, and I agree even more so now that almost four weeks have passed since the blog and we really have nothing to show for NBA Live to this point outside of a gameplay trailer (NOT EVEN REAL GAMEPLAY) which wasn’t that great, and they detailed ultimate team which does nothing for me. Where as last week 2K released it’s list of new/upgraded features including MyPlayer and MyGM modes which both sound really good and they even said the gameplay and AI got better. Anyway if you want to read Pasta’s story from October 4, click here.

That brings me to Madden now because lets be honest we know nothing about the game outside of it has updated visuals and better offensive line battles, that’s it! Less than 3 weeks away and I feel like we know very little about the next Madden. I mean certainly there must be more to learn by now, right? Right? Is EA really going to make it a lackluster port like they did to open this generation with nice visuals? I mean seriously, sure you can trade up and get the next gen version for $10, but if that was your launch day game that made you pre-order a PS4 or Xbox One, you can not and should not be happy to see the lack of information that has come out.

The only saving grace for Madden could be the improved crowds that EA has been touting about and we’ve yet to really see it in action, so how can anyone even be excited about this feature? The answer here is that I really can’t until they show it off, and they haven’t. Wouldn’t you think that if they were so proud of it they would show it off?

EA has made it extremely hard to get excited about the next generation version of Madden, no matter how much I try to get excited about it. I want to be excited for it, I really do, but can I really get excited for a game that I’ve pretty much already played on PS3? The short and reasonable answer to that is no, I can not.


So instead of going on about this, I think I will close the blog out with this, I am strongly considering canceling my pre-order at this point. I will give it a little bit longer but I have no faith in this situation. I am also still on the fence a little on NBA 2K14, I really want to be impressed with MyGM and MyCareer otherwise I might look into other games to replace it with, or even wait for other games. As it is I have 3 next gen pre-ordered games, and all I really need is one and Battlefield 4 is the only one really on solid ground at this point.

Am I the only one that is not thrilled with the lack of news on Madden 25? Hell we could even lump NBA Live into this because that is just as disappointing in terms of news.


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