NHL Top 3/Bottom 3 for Week 3

NHL Season 3 series

Top 3

1. San Jose Sharks (8-0-1)

The Sharks again are off to a great start, going 8-0-1 off to the best start in the NHL and doing it in amazing fashion with a plus-24 in goal differential. The Sharks were number two last week due to circumstances beyond their control as they were just one of two undefeated teams in the league. The Sharks play the Bruins on Thursday, the Canadiens on Saturday and the Senators on Sunday for the week ahead.

2. Colorado Avalanche (8-1-0)

Colorado picked a bad week to pick up a regulation loss. However they are still playing great hockey and should continue to rack up wins if they keep playing at the level they are playing at. The Avalanche beat the Penguins 1-0 Monday night but did so in a game they played badly in, Colorado can not afford to play that badly and expect to win games like that. The Avs play Carolina and Winnipeg on Friday and Sunday respectively.

3. Anaheim Ducks (7-1-0)

Anaheim is another team that has been off to a hot start, but they kind of been quiet in doing so. The game that I first noticed them was the game on October 13th against the Senators during their throwback night. And they’ve done nothing but impress me since. The Ducks are scoring and playing solid defense, a combination that never seemed to exist in Anaheim before. The Ducks play Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Columbus this week all on the road.

Honorable Mentions

St. Louis Blues (5-1-1)

The Blues were eliminated from the top 3 this week after going 0-1-1 this week and falling victim to the Penguins and Ducks hot starts, the Blues could end up back in the top 3 soon, but it is going to take winning and other teams to start to falter. The good news for St. Louis, San Jose is usually good for that. The Blues play Vancouver and Nashville this week.

Pittsburgh Penguins (7-2-0)

The Penguins are knocking on the door of being in the top 3, a loss to Colorado Monday night cost them a chance at the top 3, but they will be on the cusp of making it next week and the week after if they keep this play up. The Penguins play the Maple Leafs on Saturday which should be a great game since Toronto isn’t a team to take lightly.

Bottom 3

3. Edmonton Oilers (2-6-1)

The Oilers are not a good team. At least not as good as I thought they would be with the additions they’ve made. The Oilers are horribly fun to watch though. Because they can certainly score, but they also allow a ton of goals. Teams like this usually never succeed, and right on cue that’s the case here.

2. Philadelphia Flyers (1-7-0)

Scoring just 11 goals in 8 games, and having the least amount of points in the NHL the Philadelphia Flyers are just flat out terrible. You know a team is playing flat when they don’t even get up for a game against their top rival as was the case on Thursday when the Flyers played the Penguins and lost by a close score but appeared to not show up for the match up.

1. Buffalo Sabres (1-7-1)

The Sabres continue to to spin out of control. They went 1-3-0 last week picking up their first win against the Islanders. The only issue is that since the win they’ve lost two in a row to Vancouver and Colorado. The Sabres play the Bruins on Wednesday.

Dishonorable Mentions

New Jersey Devils (1-4-3)

The Devils are a wreck on offense although they continue to get so-so goaltending from their goalies.

New York Rangers (2-5-0)

The Rangers allowed 36 goals in 9 games this season and have not really had a chance to rectify things recently having a string of off day. Which is exactly what they needed considering the rough road trip to start the season.


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