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Madden 25 was released on PS3 and Xbox 360 back in August, and while it is a solid game. In fact it is a game I still plug in from time to time usually on Sunday’s before the weeks games. But despite it being a solid game, nothing overly impressive but solid, there are still plenty of things that drive me batty about this game. 

1. Slow Menu’s

I didn’t really notice how slow the menu’s were in the game until I played NHL 14 and realized that the gripes I had with NHL 13 seeped into Madden 25. I am hoping that in the PS4/XBOX One version this is fixed. Because I couldn’t imagine that carrying over into the next generation with the consoles being 16 times more powerful. There would be no excuse for it in my mind.

Also add in the fact that the simulation speeds are slow as hell and you really have a major headache on your hands.

For this game to be a success on PS4 and Xbox One they really need to streamline things for Connected Careers, because none of this would fly on those consoles.

2. Connected Franchise

Connected Franchise is clearly intended for one player, and here is why I say that. Say for example you have two players in an offline Connected Careers mode, and you are at the re-signing stage of the off-season you can start out doing that process using either coach which is all fine and dandy but when you are done you have to switch coaches, and that is a bit of a wait, and then you have to skip to the actions screen to make sure there is not other issues to deal with before you go to re-sign your players.

That is just one example, of how time consuming and annoying it can be to do this mode. Tack on the added time for the draft because the process is the same for all parts of the off-season from the draft, re-signings and free agency. The switching is a major pain in the ass and it needs to be addressed in future maddens. Remember in the old Maddens where you could just go from one team, to the other and not have to press R3 or the right joy stick on the 360 to select the coach? That was so much faster and easier to do.

The mere fact that Madden 2005 had a better concept for multi-player franchise than Madden 25 is kind of laughable. The problem with this is the slow menu’s, if Madden could just make it as simple as scrolling from one user team to the other in the same screen it would A) be easier to navigate and B) faster to do so. And to me, that is a win win for all parties involved.

3. A Deeper Experience

Madden feels stale to me, Madden has not added a mode they really captured me in a way that would make the game feel fresh and new. And I think Madden needs that extra kick. Yesterday I posted a story on the Xbox One exclusive feature called CoachGlass which is meant to take advantage of Microsoft’s SmartGlass and really give Sony the middle finger. But that is a nice little feature, and it will give Xbox users a new feature they can try out and possibly like.

But even that won’t be enough to make the game feel new or fresh. The game needs a new feature, something that EA can work off of. And I am not talking about another mode, but maybe modifying an existing mode such as Connected Careers. I think this would be a great mode to work with, I am thinking that EA could go NFL Head Coach in this mode, add in meetings with coordinators, scouts, and so on.

The more I think of it, maybe make a deeper mode for coaches only, would probably fit this more than adding onto Connected Careers. God knows Connected Careers is already a mess in itself, adding something to slow it down would be a disaster. Regardless adding features that were in NFL Head Coach into it’s own game mode would feel fresh if it is done right AND added on to.

They could also make scouting a little better, I think every player should have some ratings revealed to one extent or another. Whether it is the C? extent or the actual rating should vary. You should also have strengths and weaknesses sections that can outline as few as one trait up to five traits. Believe it or not, these sections if done correctly can give you can idea if he fits the scheme, I remember NBA Live having this and I made decisions on how to draft bases on up to 3 lines of info I got, I mean sure there were other factors, but that weighed more heavily than ratings, player comparables and so on.

I am not as deep into football as I am hockey, so I can’t even begin to think of other ways to add depth to Madden, but someone needs to think of it since it can give us gamers something new and fun.

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