NHL Top/Bottom 3 teams for Week 1

NHL Season 3 series

Top Three

1. Toronto Maple Leafs

Here is a surprising team, they have started 3-0 with wins over Montreal, Philadelphia and Ottawa. The Leafs lead the NHL in points with 6 points and have been in a lot of close games. The next three games are against Colorado, Nashville, and Edmonton on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

2. St. Louis Blues

The Blues are off to an 2-0 start with wins over Nashville by a score of 4-2, and they shellacked Florida 7-0 in what turned into a very testy game in the third period. St. Louis plays Chicago on Wednesday and the Rangers on Saturday both being home games.

3. Colorado Avalanche

Since this is a top 3 I had to make a choice of who to put at number 3, and because of the fact that I don’t think Colorado will make this list again. They’ve gotten wins over the Ducks 6-1 and the Predators 3-1. And Patrick Roy gets bonus points for his late game antics against the Ducks.

Bottom 3

3. Edmonton Oilers

The Oilers are 0-2 and do not look good at all. The Oilers are allowing 5.5 GPG which is dead last in the NHL. The Oilers looked particularly bad against the Canucks getting spanked by them 6-2. The Oilers play at home against the Devils and Canadiens on Monday and Thursday before hitting the road.

2. Buffalo Sabres

The second worst team in the NHL and it is mainly because of a lack of scoring. Just two goals in three games. On a bright note for the Sabres Ryan Miller has played great so far despite being winless, and was absolutely great in a 1-0 loss to the Ottawa Senators on Friday. The Sabres next play the Lightning and Blue Jackets at home before a match up on Saturday night in Chicago.

1. Philadelphia Flyers

How bad is Philadelphia? So bad they their coach got canned on Monday, and it really isn’t his fault. It is just three games into the season and they haven’t really had a chance to work on issues that may be hampering them. Again the key for the lack of success stems from a lack of production on offense getting just 3 goals in as many games.


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