Initial impressions of GTA V


My first full game experience for Grand Theft Auto V came Wednesday, and I am happy to report, it was a long and enjoyable one. I did a little bit of playing on Tuesday night because the game came in so late, and that was more of a quick play-through instead of judgement time.

But the point of yesterday was to play some missions and mess around. I went from 3PM to 8PM playing this game with a few breaks in between and I loved what I was playing. Two of the missions really stood out as memorable. And I am sure there will be more as I continue to play. However I won’t say what the missions were to avoid spoiling anything for anyone who may not yet have the game. Plus I also want to save them for the review.

However when you aren’t playing missions there is still quite a lot to do on the side from driving on the highway at excessive speeds being chased by the police, to lighting fires at will with the help of gas cans then shooting the trail to spark the fire which destroys whatever you’re trying to blow up which in the case of mine from last night was two ambulances a medical center. Also remember you can also start mischief with the Police in the usual ways, and unconventional ways such as using the phone to ask for police to come out and ambush them when the solo cop comes out. You can also play golf and tennis, to going hiking in the mountains. There is a lot of stuff you can do on this game.

The city is lively, I have seen a lot of random things, from police chases to random EMS vehicles going to different locations. You can also choose to help people in need. For example I helped a woman who had her purse stolen from her, I caught the robber and got her purse back to her. And when I returned it, I lost the $1800 I gained when I took the purse from the robber. I didn’t get tipped by the woman so I killed her with my fists and took her money.

As you can tell I am having a blast with the game overall. And I am just scratching the surface. 

The review will be here soon, until then I might post some various stuff as I capture it.


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