Information on how the GTA V review will be done

GTA V Aug 13 1


Usually when I review a game it is done before the game is even launched. This is due to the mere fact that the publishers are nice enough to send us copies of the games in advance of the release of a game. Unfortunately due to lack of a relationship with Rockstar Games and Rockstar North, I will not be getting the review for Grand Theft Auto V in early. In fact it won’t be done probably until next week or the week after.

So with that said, I will explain why it will so long until the review. I like getting to play the game through completely before I release a review. This is done to ensure the game gets a fair shake and to make sure no exploits pop up during the review process. For example, NHL 14 I reviewed last week and I ended up having an issue with the game freezing after the review and then I eventually found a work-around to it which was disabling the custom soundtrack. Had I spent an entire week on that game, I would have been able to spot the issue and reported it in the review. But since I found a work-around for the issue the scores and comments stand. Otherwise I would have had to amend the review with another score probably much lower.

Anyway back to GTA.

I am also going to do this in two parts. As some may know, this game will be released without an online component to the game to start. Which means I will have to review the offline experience only to start, which as you know I’m fine with. And then two weeks later Rockstar will release GTA Online which will be the online part of the game. So I am going to review this game in two separate pieces. One of offline and one for online. The Online review will probably be faster to do since it is expected to be a close representation of the offline game but with a custom character.

So as I said, depending on how quickly I get through the game the review will be up within a week or so. I am very excited to play this game and I expect that this will be the game of the year. Which is saying a lot because The Last of Us was such a great game, and Watch Dogs is coming out this year, and I am super excited for that game.




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