Madden 25 Patch due out next week, and news about EAs Season Ticket Program




EA has confirmed that it will release a patch to fix a problem reported earlier this week about disappearing players in Madden 25. The problem, for me anyway, started in the fourth quarter in games when the computer had possession of the football to open the quarter. What would happen is when players walked to the line of scrimmage the Quarterback and Running Back (possibly the fullback too but I didn’t observe enough to remember) would disappear for the play but magically post play the running back if he ran the football would appear as if he was always on the screen. Same with the Quarterback if he had just completed a pass they’d show him after the play and he’d be visible all of a sudden.

But on Twitter yesterday (lost in the mediastorm that Grand Theft Auto V created), Andrew Johnson who EA’s Madden 25 Community Manager, confirmed that a fix is set to release next Friday when Madden 25 will be available for download via EA’s Season Ticket Program.

Speaking of EA’s Season Ticket Program, released a report yesterday saying that the Season Ticket from PS3 and Xbox 360 will not carry over to PS4 or Xbox One. The report states that they inquired about the plans for next generation consoles but as of last check they have not heard back from EA about those plans.


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