Off Beat: One Lovely Blog Award

We recently had the honor of receiving this “One Lovely Blog” award from Gary Smith from The Vortex Effect  where he and his team blog about video games, movies, and books. I recommend the read, he and I are good friends off of these blogs, as we stay in good contact outside of this blog and his own blog. We both respect one anothers work and offer one another support when needed.

There’s a couple of steps to accepting this award. The first step is to include this One Lovely Blog award image in the post, so here it is.



Next is to thank the person who nominated you, which I did above (thanks again Gary).

Now I just have to have write seven things about me and nominate/inform seven other bloggers which is difficult since there are so many great ones out there deserving of the award.

Anyway, on to the seven things about me.

1. I live in Rhode Island, that’s right I live in a state smaller than a foot locker

2. My favorite sports are hockey and football, most other sports bore me because of their pace. Though I do enjoy some baseball once in awhile.

3. My favorite music is a mixed bag, I listen to artists of all types from Linkin Park to Eminem to Three Doors Down. So as you can tell there is no real imbalance there. If I like a song I’ll add it to a playlist on Spotify, so all of my playlists are a cluster of mismatched music. Haha.

4. My favorite type of TV shows are car customization shows like Overhaulin’, West Coast Customs, and American Chopper (when it was on). I also enjoy gun customization shows such as Sons of Guns. Other shows from various categories are Bar Rescue, How It’s Made, Property Brothers, and American Greed. I am not terribly picky on what I watch anymore as long as it isn’t a singing contest, those annoy me.

5. Other topics I like that isn’t covered on the blog are Business, Music, and Photography.

6. My favorite sports teams are the Boston Bruins, New England Patriots, and Boston Red Sox.

7. I know how to play Guitar and Drums.

And now to pass on the award to seven other deserving bloggers.

Beer and Joysticks: I love reading this blog, it is such an interesting concept with beer and video games. I think they do an excellent job covering their respective topics.

Play Legit: Another great video game blog, they do an excellent job with their coverage.

What’s Your Tag: A video game blog that also covers comics, not a bad combination at all. Definitely a great read.

Wolf’s Gaming Blog: A video game website that is filled with great resources on how to get going with blogging about video games. Without this website and some of it’s info I would not be here today doing as well as I am.

The Gaming Grad: Another gaming blog about video games, and the author is interesting in breaking into the gaming industry. So it could be cool to see him make the big steps to getting towards that goal.

The Puck Stops Here: A hockey blog from a buddy of mine, it hasn’t been updated in awhile, but when it does get updated the articles are usually great. It isn’t a news blog more so than a opinions blog. In essense it is a bit like what I try to do here but only about hockey whereas I go all over and offer opinions and news.

Ice Nation UK: A great hockey blog from across the pond. The main focus for this blog is the NHL.

Now all that is left is to go out and inform the seven talented bloggers above of their nomination. Thank you once again to Gary Smith for the award, friendship, and help getting me going into positive territory.


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