GTA V Online Impressions


This morning the gameplay trailer for Grand Theft Auto V’s online mode came out and it was a nice little video it did nothing to really excite me. In fact it wasn’t until I read the previews on GameSpot and CVG that I got excited. Because in those articles that we got in depth details the mode. And the mode sounds as if it will not only revolutionize video games but also online video gaming itself.

For those of whom have not read either GameSpot’s or CVG’s preview pieces should because I do not want to go over all of the details in here I went over those a little bit in my blog from earlier this afternoon and it also has links to the previews at the start of this paragraph.

But there is plenty to pick at, so I’ll do a pros and cons and break them each down.


  • Content Creator

This allows for players to create their own missions and activities to be shared via Social Club cloud player. This is a great idea which should make GTA Online feel fresh each and every time you play.

  • Using the money you have

Players can spend their money that they earn on clothes, custom or regular cars, properties, and other things. There really is no limit to what can be bought, stocks anyone? Another bit of details is if you die and your carrying money you will lose that money, so the best way to go around this is to put the money in the bank and only carry what you need.

  • Real Time Events on Your TV

This also jumped out at me, if you see an event outside of your house, pad, or whatever you want to call it, then you will most likely be able to see it on your TV via Weasel News. This might not seem like a lot but it sounds very entertaining, and a good way to kill a little time. The one thing I am not sure of is if it is exclusive to your friends list, or anybody who may be causing mayhem, either way it sounds pretty exciting to be able to check it out and watch how it ends.

  • Lip Sync to what you say into the headset

This is where when you are playing online and committing a robbery the computer ai cashier, or banker, or whatever will stuff the bags faster if you have a sense of urgency in your voice. If it works well then it can be a cool feature. Even if it doesn’t work as well, it can still be great.

  •  Bad Sport Stat

This sounds interesting, this seems to be an effort to force players not to destroy another players properties. Which to me is very interesting since isn’t part of the game meant to be able blowing stuff up?

  • It is possible to share assets

It is possible to share your guns, cash and ammo with team mates or friends. Which is great, however it is also possible for your friends to end up backstabbing you, so there may not be much incentive to share that much.

  • Heists

Seems easy enough to explain. going in and having some fun with robberies. Nothing beats a good old fashioned heist.


  • The wait

The Online portion of Grand Theft Auto V won’t be available until two weeks after the game releases. Which is fine for someone like me who likes the offline portion of games, but cruddy for those who pretty much play games exclusively online.

  • 16 Player Max

The maximum amount of players is only 16, I would have liked to have seen it go to 32 players, but I guess with them already pushing the maximum amount of disk space on the game as it is, I can live with it.

GTA V Aug 13 6


Grand Theft Auto V’s online mode looks to be quite big and quite extensive, typically when I review or play games I stick to offline as my go to mode, but in this case Grand Theft Auto Online could end up being the biggest, most ambitious online mode to date in any franchise, at least for this current generation. And what a way to bridge the wait until the new consoles expected to come in November. And throw in the promise of adding new content and expanding the abilities of the content creator well after the launch of Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar today might have convinced people not to dump their PS3’s or Xbox 360’s past the launch of the PS4 and Xbox One regardless of which one you pick up or prefer.

If nothing else it adds more play ability to the game even if you get tired of single player, because this mode may never be the same thing over and over. It could very well be a revolving mode, which is what Rockstar is aiming for.

I very much look forward to playing this game, and even more so online now, which is rare being a strictly offline type of player. But it just proves, with the right vision, and the right execution on the vision, even offline players might want to come around and play with the big boys online.

And if you want to expand the news today with the news from a few weeks ago there will be tons to do in Grand Theft Auto V, between this and the already announcements of car and weapon customization, there is plenty of possibilites. The map is said to be bigger than Red Dead Redemption, LA Noire and Grand Theft Auto IV, so there is a huge map to explore and memorize before these online features go live.

Grand Theft Auto V was already on my radar for game of the year possibilities, but if the Online Mode is as good as it sounds, it very well could end up as one of the best games of all time, and that is not easy to say with so many classics out there as it is.

I won’t know how much this game will wow me, or anyone until I get to play it for the first time, but given Rockstars reputation with their games Grand Theft Auto included, there is no reason for me to believe that this game can not, or will not be remembered as one of the best in this current generation, if not all time. And I very much look forward to seeing that happen.


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  1. Great post! I think Rockstar has released an enticing GTA V online trailer video.I can’t wait to play this game online myself. From the video demo, it seems that the new online features are going to make gameplay more dynamic and exciting. Thanks for breaking down the pros and cons of GTA V online. It was an interesting as well as exciting read!

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