Digging Deeper into GTA V Online mode

GTA V Aug 13 10

Today Rockstar Games dropped the trailer for Grand Theft Auto V’s online component, and with that came interviews and previews from GameSpot and CVG, which offered up some very cool details on the mode.

First lets get to the bad news, which is GTA Online won’t be available from launch, it will actually launch on October 1st, meaning that Grand Theft Auto V is merely a single player game for two weeks after it releases. Which isn’t bad for someone like myself who is largely an offline player as it is.

But the details on the online mode are large, and really interesting to read, particularly the GameSpot article where I laughed probably a half dozen times with some of the stuff a player can do. For example it mentions you might see a police chase go past your house (which you can buy and keep in the online mode) and moments later it will appear on your TV as a live broadcast and you can watch it. It may not seem like much, but it certainly sounds like a good time.

There is a lot more discovered today about the mode, including that you can buy personal cars, property, and clothes online and you can keep it all. In the case of cars you can also buy insurance for them so they can be replaced if they’re destroyed.

You can create crews, or roam with friends to cause a little bit of hell for other gangs that may be online.

You also have to ability to share with your online friends or crew members, which includes things such as money, weapons, and ammo. But they can also turn their backs on you and steal your cash, so it’s sort of a double edged sword. But conversely in a good crew, you will probably be repaid down the road.

When in a robbery situation, or as it is called in game, a heist, you can speak into the headset you are using and you can make demands, the more intimidating you sound the faster the AI stuffs the bags with money, or merchandise which is a nice little detail.

Another thing mentioned in the previews is you earn RP (reputation points) and money when you complete tasks including heists, and gun wars, and the money as mentioned already can be used on cars, weapons, clothes, stock investments, properties, and so on. The options are limitless.

That is just a small break down of the features, but the previews by GameSpot and CVG tell the story in more detail. Also you can read the interviews by GameSpot and CVG as well done with Leslie Benzies.

I will have an impressions piece later on today, and I don’t think you want to miss that, I have been working on it in my mind all day.

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