Huge Blow to EA’s College Football game (UPDATED: Big Ten and PAC 12 Out as Well)

In a surprising turn of events and a seemingly huge blow to EA’s College Football game, ESPN is reporting that the SEC will not allow its name used in any of EA’s upcoming College Football games and probably all college games. However on a side note, the teams in the conference can still decide to be included in the game if they wish because they work with the Collegiate Licensing Company. However this story is still a blow to EA, and is certainly is going to effect NCAA’s Dynasty Mode and Road to Glory Mode.

Today’s news could be the first of several dominoes to fall on EA, especially if more conferences follow suit. Combine that with the fact that it is likely that some teams will opt out of being in future college football games, and you have a recipe for for a potential slow demise for the College Football game.

A little background on this story needs to be told. EA and the NCAA are being sued in player likeness lawsuits from former College Football games, despite not using names EA has used actual body builds and numbers on all players and giving them accurate ratings for the real players abilities.

It is a shame to see what is going on to College Football video games, it is widely popular and it appears that soon they may become non-existent. A lot of this has come on the heals of what I thought was a successful launch of NCAA Football ’14 and the future looked bright with the PS4, and Xbox One certainly to follow. There is no doubt there will be a game next summer, but beyond that is certainly an unknown, especially if a stripped down version doesn’t sell well. And considering the SEC is probably the most popular conference in the country, this could significantly hurt sales.

Anyway that is my take on the news, you can read the story here.

UPDATE #1: ESPN is now reporting that the Big Ten is also out of EA’s Collge Football ’15. I expect more to come. 

UPDATE #2: CBS Sports is reporting the PAC 12 will not be in EA’s College Football ’15 either. 

UPDATE #3: At this point the CLC has said no teams have pulled out of EA’s College Football ’15

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