The Future of This Blog


Some of you may or may not have noticed that the rate of the posts lately have been down. I don’t want anyone to be concerned because there are a couple different reasons for this happening. So allow me to go over them real quickly so that I can explain the reasons for the lack of blogs that have been posted over the past two or three weeks.

  1. Time hasn’t been there, between looking for a job, and dealing with other personal stuff the time has been limited to blog, especially in terms of original pieces and breakdown blogs.
  2. A lack of any real info to discuss, it’s been fairly quiet since E3. That isn’t to say that there’s been nothing, but there hasn’t been a blitz of information either, in fact most of the coverage lately have been trailers and blogs for Madden, NHL 14, and Splinter Cell Blacklist.
  3. I am considering making the leap to a domain name soon, so I have been studying the options for where to go, what web host to use, and working on some of the finer details such as what the domain name should be since www dot electrosports dot com is taken.

So as you can see my focus isn’t completely on the blog anymore, but I don’t want people thinking I am less interested in doing blogs, or bringing the coverage I have bought since early February. But there is more for me to look at and into now than there was back then, so the frequency of the original posts have dipped a little bit, but overall I still try to bring you news and updates as it happens.

Furthermore with the NFL and College Football on the horizon, there will be football related content coming real soon, which is exciting to me since I am a football guy as well as a hockey guy. And as little as I cover baseball I do follow it to an extent but not enough to offer opinions on it on a regular basis.

So to reiterate, the blog is alive, and it is well. It is just slow now, but with Madden 25, NHL 14, and GTA V all due out within a 5 week span, I will hopefully be able to bring some in depth coverage on all of those games.

I want to thank everyone for their support to this point, and I am here to say, there will be plenty of good stuff coming soon including the delayed NHL 15 and Beyond blogs, which I will start making and rolling out over the next couple of months once I get to see what has and hasn’t changed with NHL 14.

So no worries, I am here to stay, I am not going anywhere, any time soon.

-Kevin G


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