NHL 14 GM Connected and Be a GM improvements and reaction (after the blog post)


Love managing your team? The upgrades to NHL 14 Be a GM and GM Connected game modes will let you control every aspect of your hockey club in more detail than ever before. The dev. team sifted through community feedback and the result are two beefed up modes that contain several improvements.

Optimized GM Connected Functionality – GM Connected will be more user-friendly and allow you to spend less time on loading screens, thanks to improved speed and performance in both menu loading and simulation behavior

Other updates include:

  • Commissioners can now accept & decline trades on mobile devices.
  • Counter trades can be proposed directly from the mailbox.
  • The ability to accept trades directly from the Trade Details Screen.
  • Users can invite others to a league.
  • All games in the league can be seen on the Master Schedule.

Deeper Be a GM Progression and Trading Intelligence – Be a GM game mode is all about creating an authentic hockey management experience. New scouting features, realistic ice-time simulations and adjustable trade difficulty settings create a deeper, more customizable experience in Be a GM mode.

Other updates include:

  • Potential is now affected by the number of scouting visits, creating a more organic experience.
  • Difficulty can be scaled to make it more (or less) challenging to trade with the AI.
  • CPU can sign and re-sign players during the off season for the user.
  • Player swapping is easier with just one transaction in the Roster Management Screen.
  • Players develop during the season, making for a more authentic gameplay feel.

NHL 14 hits store shelves on September 10th, only on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Be sure to check out our NHL 14 Pre-Order Offers before it’s too late.


This blog post seemed a little short for my liking, the lack of details on the additions to either mode is puzzling. Cool they added to the player scouting, but what does that even mean? It isn’t as if the blog is loaded with details about the additions. What does it mean that player swapping got easier with one transaction in the Roster Management screen? Again the details a vague. The Be a GM part of the blog is rather embarrassing to be honest, it offers little details on how certain areas of the game improved which is a little concerning since if they can’t even elaborate on these add ons and improvements than that to me makes it seem like they don’t even know what they did.

The only real thing we got from this part of the blog worth noting is the fact that players can adjust the settings for trading difficulty in Be a GM, which is a nice feature to have.

At least with GM Connected we received good news with the improved simulation speeds for that mode, and I think and hope that the same can be said about Be a GM since that was also slow in NHL 13, only time will tell, but I find it hard to believe that the guys at EA would not fix the speed of the offline mode as well.

The ability to accept trades in the trade details screen is a nice addition that was suspiciously missing in NHL 13 is in NHL 14, the ability to accept or decline trades on the mobile device is a nice addition, no word on how this works, whether it is a app or through text is unclear, if not both. Counter proposals in the mailbox screen is a nice addition since in NHL 13 you had to from the mailbox to the main menu to the trade screen which in itself was probably upwards to a two minute process.

Also take note of the standings page, it shows sixteen teams in the Eastern Conference, so that means they got the realignment into NHL 14.

There is really nothing else that I can add at this time. If EA elaborates more on this than I will be able to break it down more, but I have a feeling that I won’t get to really judge the additions and fixes until I get a chance to play it in September, hopefully I am wrong and EA releases another blog that offers more insight to the mode.


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