Live the Life mode reaction (Including a screen grab I took from the trailer

LTL Trailer Capture


First of all before we break it down let me explain the above capture. This came from the Live the Life trailer, and this is a question the video posted after the created superstar was traded, so I had a little fun with this. Because lets be honest, that was the funniest response on the table, not even a close second.

Now on to the impressions of the mode, and quite frankly, it is about all I really wanted, the post game questions can be fun if it is executed like in the NBA 2k series, that game has a different question for every game it seemed, so it felt fresh even though it is the same concept throughout NBA’s My Player mode. So if EA can make the questions different for every post game and it is relevant to on ice performance and team performance even if you get asked about the team struggling (which is my personal favorite from the NBA 2k series) then it can be quite comical.

Lets be honest, the only real reason to do this mode now is to become the next Sean Avery, and really that in itself should supply plenty of entertainment in itself to last awhile. I think the mode might get stale if you give crowd pleasing answers to these questions, that isn’t to say that the mode will be bad, but is text based interviews enough to carry Be a Pro into a must play mode? Because that is pretty much what this looks like with Live the Life mode.

Though I do have to admit, I am almost considering going to Montreal first just so I can burn bridges there, I would test the managements patience with nu sense players, God knows they caved in to Patrick Roy’s request back in the early 1990’s.

Overall my thought on the mode is this, if you like Be a Pro mode this should be a welcome addition. However if you’re like me and don’t typically spend time playing Be a Pro mode then Live the Life mode might not be enough to provide any real playing time outside of testing the fans or management. I do find it hilarious that you can have your own fans turn on you, that would be interesting.


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