A new series of blogs coming, covering what I want to see in NHL 15 and beyond


I have noticed that my old NHL 14 and Beyond Be a GM special piece has been getting a lot of hits lately. While I am not sure whether it is due to the demand for info on NHL 14 and it’s Be a GM info that will hopefully come out soon, or the word is spreading about the piece. But regardless I made that piece in the middle of May and I never followed up on it. But now that I am looking at it again, I want to re-write it in more detail and in different sections for trades, drafting, scouting, etc. so that I can go more in depth with it.

I will rename this NHL 15 and beyond to avoid any confusion for one, and to hopefully submit these ideas to EA to see if they can pick up any traction. Not only will it be renamed but it will cover far more than Be a GM, but also cover game play, GM Connected, and so on as the ideas come to me. I am going to start writing them and rolling them out soon.

I love hockey video games, and I want to see hockey games become sports game of the year candidates, I loved seeing NHL 10 and NHL 11 be candidates for sports game of the year, and the last couple of years it feels like EA has kind of stopped making sure the hockey games are polished. I think more so with NHL 13 with the lousy goals allowed by goalies, the slow Be a GM menu screen, the even slower GM Connected screen, and overall NHL 13 felt rushed and never benefited from its patch.

I want to be able to come up with ideas and hopefully submit them for future games for EA or any other NHL game out there whether it be 2k or another company. I mean surely I am just one voice, but I think I will speak for most hockey gamers when they see my ideas.

EA has potential to make NHL the best series in their library, and I want to see that and with 16 times more power at their disposal to work with, NHL should be able to make the leap from very good or borderline great to fantastic. But the question is, what needs to be done? And what can be done? I will give you my two cents worth coming soon on what I think.

If nothing else I think this can lead to some good discussions moving forward on what could be added in the future. Because I am not looking so much for new modes, or anything over the top. I think EA has enough modes in NHL 13 and 14, I think EA in NHL 15 needs to work on making game play and presentation make the next leap forward and working to add to their current game modes before they go adding new modes.

Anyway the series will start soon, I need to work on it and then release the series of idea blogs over time.


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