NHL 14 Media and Blogs

With the NHL Free Agency underway there were some new NHL 14 screens released to show players on their new teams. So below are screens released just based on that.


Daniel Alfredsson went from Ottawa to Detroit for 1 year.


Ray Emery went from Chicago to Philadelphia for 1 year.


David Clarkson went from New Jersey to Toronto for 5 years.


Vincent LeCavalier was bought out by Tampa Bay and signed with Philadelphia for 5 years.


Nathan Horton went from Boston to Columbus for 7 years


Here is a throw in from Thursday when Tyler Seguin went from Boston to Dallas in a 7 player trade.

EA also released two new NHL 14 blogs and a video to accompany them along with some screens.

The Goalie Gameplay Video:

The blogs were based on goalies and a look at upcoming game play blogs which will be in various areas of interest including goal scoring balance, team mate AI, skating and a focus on penalties.

Below are screens from the goalie blog:


I will break down the goalie blog on Monday because I won’t have time to this weekend, but I wanted to share this today so that people can read it and form their own opinions for the time being.


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