New Additions to the site

When I last did an update to the site we were fairly new and there wasn’t much reason to really organize, but now that things have gotten a little more active, especially recently with the Stanley Cup Finals, E3, and the Xbox One reveal it’s been crazy and a lot of information has come and gone. So what I have done is made it a little easier to find stuff, under the technology section there is a video games section and under that you’ll see four separate new sections

  • News
  • Reviews

This is pretty standard stuff, you know what this is.

  • Special Features

This is a place to find all the special pieces I’ve done outside of news and reviews. Since we’ve started there have been 11 special pieces for video games, so I wanted to make them easier to find and reference.

  • Dynasties

Currently there is really no activity on my NHL 13 Be a GM I started, mainly because the dynasty mode screen is painfully slow that I don’t enjoy just simulating through a month and posting. I hope come NHL 14 there will be another one started and hopefully that game has a better menu screen. 

There may be further work done down the road, but for now this is good enough until I find another reason to to add to the menu, I am trying to keep is simple.


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