NHL News June 18, 2013: The Philadelphia Flyers sign Mark Streit; Vigneault gets 5 year deal in New York

Flyers sign Streit

The Philadelphia Flyers continued their spending on questionable players yesterday by giving Mark Streit a 4 year and $21M contract, which averages out to $5.25M per season and includes a limited no trade clause. This is a continuation of odd decisions by General Manager Paul Holmgren and crew. The most recent of moves includes Ilya Bryzgalov who Holmgren signed to a 9 year, $51M contract in 2011 and that move made the Flyers trade both Jeff Carter and Mike Richards both of whom were reunited in Los Angeles for their 2012 Stanley Cup Championship run.

Signing Streit puts the Flyers over the cap and the Flyers won’t officially announce the deal until they are under the cap. How do the Flyers plan to get under the cap you ask? partly by buying out Ilya Bryzgalov which means that most likely that newly acquired goalie Steve Mason will be the starter next season. Which is great if you ask me, I have no issue with that move especially with the special compliance buy-outs in place for this season and next to help teams get close to the salary cap.

The Mark Streit deal sort of makes sense, the Flyers defense was in shambles last year with injuries and the likes, so I can see the need to add depth to it especially with Chris Pronger and his health problems. The only part of the deal I really question is the length of the contract. If I was Philadelphia I would be looking for a two year deal max for Streit who is bound to deteriorate over time, it is inevitable, because players eventually slow down and become less effective as he gets older.

So to wrap it up, short term the move makes sense, long term it is highly likely that it could lead to some cap issues.

Vigneault is the new bench boss of Rangers

The New York Rangers wasted no time firing John Tortorella and replacing him with Alain Vigneault. Vigneault as documented in the past is the former coach of the Vancouver Canucks, Vigneault took the Canucks to the Stanley Cup finals in 2011 only to lose to the Boston Bruins in the finals, but to have that on your recent resume isn’t so shabby. Add in the making the playoffs in the two seasons since then and your job should be safe. Not in Vancouver evidently.

I don’t think that Vigneault was Vancouver’s problem, I think it has to do with that hole in the net and the fact that Vancouver wants too much for Roberto Luongo making him unmovable, and there were/are suitors that wanted/want his service such as Florida, Toronto, and most likely the Islanders since they never have enough goaltending. Once Vancouver lets Cory Schneider become the starter without having Luongo as the back up, the sooner the Schneider era can start which will be good for all parties involved.

On the Rangers side of things I feel like that they picked up a great coach and that should suit them moving forward. It’s just to bad that John Tortorella’s style forced Marian Gaborik out of New York.


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