The Dallas Stars unveil a hideous new look

I firstly want to apologize to anyone who likes the new Stars jerseys, but I flat out hate it. The green and white look is not what I wanted to see. In fact, I was hoping that they’d go back to the scheme or some form of it from the jerseys they had before the lock out. However they have not come close to that, in fact I feel like this is a worse look than what they previously had. But before I go on blasting the jerseys any longer lets put the picture in here for the readers:

Dallas Stars Jerseys debuting in 2013-2014. Credit: Dallas Stars/NHL


Maybe I warm up to the look, but I currently don’t. Let me be straight honest, I am thrilled they went back to green, I just would have liked to see them keep the gold mixed in because it looked good. I am not a big gold fan, but the way it was used by the Stars wasn’t bad or tacky.

But as I said, I will warm up to it, possibly even learn to like it like a song that’s always on the radio that is annoying.

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