Looking Forward to the Transition to Next Gen Consoles: Part 2

This is part two of the series that looks forward to the transition to the PS4 and Xbox One, today we will focus our attention on what I think the best games of the current generation of consoles are. That isn’t to say that these are the best on everybody’s lists but mine. Like in part one you can feel free to argue for or against my selections.

Here is a video of me and fellow blogger Kevin Whetstone playing NHL 12, it is a full game but I cut out the audio not wanting to violate any copyrights.

NHL 13: I enjoyed the NHL series a lot in this generation. Leaving the PS2 generation the EA franchise was an absolute joke, but starting with NHL 07 to now the series has gotten progressively better. Some people thought that NHL 13 was bad but I think that this is because of some stability problems, the new skating engine wasn’t where it needed to be and the slow sim speeds of Be a GM and GM connected were also a pain.

But I am still excited for NHL 14 with a new fighting engine, a polished skating engine and hopefully a improvement in the GM modes stability. I think EA is on the path to good things in terms of its NHL franchise moving into the PS4 and Xbox One era.

Saints Row: This one was the easiest to think of, I remember playing the first Saints Row and I was impressed with it. I played Saints Row 2 but I wasn’t as happy with it, it seemed a lot like Saints Row. But Saints Row: the Third was a great game, it was fun, outrageous, and it just flat out was entertaining. The mini games are especially fun, but I don’t think I’ve completed any of the storylines, but I have played these games for fun and at odd times. For example I played Saints Row on Xbox 360 the Christmas Eve before the year Grand Theft Auto IV came out in the winter of 2007.

Grand Theft Auto IV: What is more to say? This is probably my most played game of this particular generation. GTA has always been a fantastic game from the PS2 and Xbox 1 era so it was an easy purchase on day one. GTA IV was rated a 10.0 by IGN and it is worth it in my mind. The game is not only fun but easy to pick up and play time and time again even four years after release. That really just speaks to the depth and enjoyment of this game. Furthermore Grand Theft Auto V is due out on September 17, 2013.

Madden NFL 10: Why 10? Well I was not very big into Madden 13, partly because of the removal multi-player offline franchise and a incomplete Connected Careers. I feel like Madden 10 was the most polished and most fun Madden to play. I am very excited about Madden 25 and I hope to God that the on the field the game plays well because I think Connected Franchise is going to take sports franchise modes to the next level if it is done well enough.

Need for Speed Most Wanted: Not the new one, but the original one. First off this isn’t a knock on the new game because it is good, but the old one I feel was the best Need for Speed this generation, it had great visuals for its time, excellent sound, and the story was amazingly fun, offline multi-player was also included. The police chases in this game actually influenced part of my future blogs, I just feel like both version of this game nailed the police chase aspect without it being overbearing.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas: This was a great game, I give the development team from Ubisoft Montreal full marks because this game was a blast to play, and the sound was second to none. Rainbow Six: Patriots is currently missing in action but that is one game I am excited for if it releases.

MLB 13 The Show: Easily the best baseball game on the market. Unfortunately I say this without a real competitor to go up against, the MLB 2k franchise is a joke. But even with that said it is widely considered the best sports game on the market outside of FIFA from EA Sports and NBA 2k from 2k Sports, and with my experience MLB the Show deserves the phrase it gets. Great gameplay and a deep franchise mode really gives the game a great edge over most other sports games.

Battlefield 3: A great combination of gameplay and visuals set this game up for success. Well not only that this game isn’t washed up like the annually released Call of Duty, the guys at EA make an exceptional game with Battlefield 3 which can’t be said for some of their offerings, for example the atrocious NBA Live series.

Part 3 comes tomorrow previewing E3 and the best bets of for this years current generation games.


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