Looking Forward to the Transition to Next Gen Consoles: Part 1

It would be a crime to kick this series off without a look back at older consoles, before we look forward to the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. So today I want to look back at really old games, games from before Playstation 3 and Xbox 36o. And with the next blog we can look at this current generation of consoles greatest hits.  With that in mind lets look back at some fantastic games.

NOTE: These are my personal favorites and it may not be the same as yours, so I encourage comments with your favorites, and I may discover ones I missed.

Road Rash: Nothing beats an arcade game where bikers beat each other with weapons including but not limited to chains, and baseball bats. If that isn’t enough, you can also kick another racer into oncoming traffic. All of this to win a street race and move up in the rankings. Boy what a little devil I was to do that stuff at such a young age, because if you think of it, I was only I’d guess 10 or younger.

NHLPA 93: Many people think of NHL 94 in terms of their favorite all time NHL hockey game for this era and possibly ever, but this version was more my style, it had fights, injuries that induced blood, and it was just as fun if not more fun than NHL 94 in my mind. Though NHL 94 was great as well.

Grand Theft Auto III: This is the GTA that really started the popularity for Rockstar games, between the 3D graphics and a ground level view, it really pushed violent video games into the spotlight. Between the new style of the series and the mere fact that it was the first of its kind paved way for the series to become a icon in the industry and the series is set for GTA V to release this September. It has also allowed for games like Saints Row to come along since the launch of the current era of gaming consoles. We’ll get to Saints Row in the next blog.

Mario Bros.: This game has been sort of ruined since it started going to 3D models and away from it’s original story with Nintendo trying to milk the brand. But the original games that I used to play on Super Nintendo and the regular Nintendo was an absolute blast. Too bad the kids today don’t really get to play these games, not only are they classics, but they would still be considered fun today.

Sonic the Hedgehog: Another old game, where you play as a blue hedgehog collecting rings and dodging enemies through each level. I played a little bit recently and it was a blast, remembering all of the time you devoted as a kid trying to get through the levels is fun.

Sim City: Not so much a console game but a game that was originated on PC and it is a city simulation game where you build and manage a city. Later versions of the game are better than the original but it was still new and the concept is still fun even today.

2013_6_3_12_56_27 2013_6_3_12_57_82013_6_3_13_8_11

Madden 2006: This game is arguably the best Madden ever. Which is very disappointing if you ask me. Maybe on the field it isn’t but in terms of franchise mode depth it was. The soundtrack sucked, but the depth of franchise mode to this point has been unmatched which is kind of pathetic if you want to truth.

Unfortunately I don’t have the PS2 version of NHL 2k6 so I had to do the next best thing. I made a gamplay video of NHL 2k5, and it lasted 40 minutes because of fights and an entire 20 min OT:

NHL 2k6: This was the best hockey game on the PS2 and Original Xbox era in my opinion, and it just shows how fast a company can fold because this series only had 5 more years of releases before stopping production after NHL 2K11. On to this game and the thing that this game had was great sliders to make the game your own to an extent. If you wanted certain penalties called you can set the sliders for that. Tougher goalies? There were a few goalie sliders. And unlike some other games these sliders actually worked and made a profound impact on the ice and the game.

Mario Kart: This game was a lot of fun for parents and kids, it has lovable characters and some pretty entertaining aspects of the game like trying to dodge barriers left on the track such as banana peels and so forth. I can’t find anything like it today on the PS3 or Xbox 360, but if I could you can bet it would be a great game to play for fun and a great children’s game to play with my niece.

Twisted Metal: This is a car combat game that debuted on the original Playstation. It was a first of it’s kind and it was entertaining to play if you had other people around like brothers or friends just blowing each others cars up. Mad fun back then and the concept still is mimicked by other games such as Full Auto.

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat: It was because of this game I got a little interested in war style games, this game was so much fun to get through. It is a shame I got stuck on a mission and never went back to finish it.

Pong: Without Pong we might not have video games, so I’d be remiss to not mention Pong in this blog. If you played it today it would not last long in terms of fun, however back then it was a start, a start to what we’re building up for with the Playstation 4, and Xbox One.


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