Xbox One Impressions



First off let me apologize for not getting this up sooner, I had to leave for a doctors appointment as soon as the show ended so I could get this up any sooner.

Anyway my impression of Microsoft’s unveil is favorable, I liked what I saw from them at first I was a little underwhelmed but as I thought about it after the show I warmed up to the idea of an all in one system that allows us to change channels, surf the web and so forth. I just hope it isn’t too complex to set up.


EA Sports also made an appearance briefly showing off Madden 25, NBA Live 14, FIFA and UFC with next generation and it looked pretty good, the small glimpses were not enough to show off the graphics or even gameplay for any of the games. But the Ignite Engine sounds very promising, it emphasizes smarter AI, better crowds, and more realistic visuals.

One thing that might tick off EA Sports customers is that it appears that FIFA Ultimate Team will be a Xbox One exclusive according to Andrew Wilson. On that subject I have to say that I hope that if the EA Sports games go exclusive for any mode it is just Ultimate Team and not things like the newly unveiled Connected Franchise or Owner mode for Madden 25 and beyond. This could be a huge problem if the EA, Microsoft love fest includes more game modes.

In terms of games this unveil did not have much, however I enjoyed two games in particular, Quantum Break, and Call of Duty: Ghosts. Quantum Break is a game that no one has any info on but it looks amazing visually as it should on the next generation consoles at this point. Quantum Break will be an Xbox One exclusive.

Call of Duty had an inside look at how the game was made, one of the things I liked was that you have your own dog that you can use to sniff out bombs and other stuff in the field. The game is also expected to be on current gen and next gen consoles as well as the PC.

Overall I was impressed with Microsoft today, I didn’t expect the console to have the power to do so much as an all in one device, I admit that is pretty impressive, it makes the console great as an all around device. However I think if Microsoft prices it to be more than the PS4 it can be a terrible mistake on their part.

What did you think of the conference? What games impressed you?


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