Madden 25 blogs for Connected Franchise and Owner Mode released; Hands off Impressions (Updated with Small Screens)




I really like what I see here, I wasn’t overly impressed with anything here, some decent changes, but nothing great. A bogus Madden 25 Anniversary edition of the game on Amazon didn’t help me get excited either. But today’s blogs definitely get me ready for a little Madden 25, and it is mainly because of one reason, the multi-player is back. That was one thing about Madden 13 that drove my ape[crap] about Madden 13, I couldn’t play it with my brother in multi-player, when in Madden 12 and all the others I could. I don’t know what portion of Madden 25 allows you to control all 32 teams but I do hope it is Connected Franchise AND Owner mode and not just one of them.

As I said earlier I am excited for the new menu’s I hope that it makes the mode more functional, because last years game was a giant mess, screen after screen and not being able to find half of the stuff you need to run the team properly. And the lack of a coaching strategy screen during the season was also confusing and really sloppy on Madden 13’s part. I guess they patched that in later on but I was already onto other games at that point, once you lose me I am not likely to come back, and Madden 13 lost my interest real quick.

Another thing that puzzled me was the the mid season contract extensions really ticked me off, I mean that never happens during a season, pre-season? Sure, but not during the season unless your the likes of Darrelle Revis, Maurice Jones-Drew or Chris Johnson but not mid season, it makes no sense. I think Madden tried to push the contracts part of it instead of sitting back and letting that get taken care of itself.

Here is a list of features that will come to Madden 25:

  • Full 32 team control
  • Imported Draft Classes
  • A league Transactions Log
  • New Commissioner Tools for Online Connected Franchise (at least this is how I read it from the blog)

As I said I love these additions, I think they make Madden from having me feel kind of low about Madden 25 to fairly excited about it. I might wait for the next gen consoles to get it though, either way if I pick up a copy I will review it with a critical eye because I was so disappointed last year.


What do you think? Please comment below.


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  1. Madden 25, my BIGGEST COMPLAINT. On PS3(4) in Connected Careers with multiple users, are the restarted games or “rage quits” as I heard them called available for all to see like it is on NCAA? Meaning are they viewable & counted EVERY time a disgruntled user quits his game versus the cpu or another user in the main menu of CCM?

    • I don’t know I don’t play games online typically, I got fed up with playing online so I usually don’t unless I know the other player. I didn’t realize the online portion of games were still that big of a mess however, my main complaint for online games would be the servers, in particular, EA Sports titles.

  2. Ok thanks man. I’ve tried to research it, but keep hitting dead ends. I know it’s a huge topic of frustrated gamers in Connected Careers with friends or strangers. Hopefully I can raise enough awareness so that EA Sports could possibly take a look @ it if they haven’t already

    • I am not sure what the issue is though, if I understand correctly it has to do with the game results not counting towards the game? I’ve noticed this to back when I was playing online more often, but never really took issue with it at all. If it is something else please feel free to correct me.


  3. No prob. For example, let’s say you, I, & 3 of our friends are all on the same online dynasty on NCAA FB & we all have our own teams. Everyone has played their individual game against their Week #1 cpu opponent except me. You & our 3 friends are waiting on me to play against my own cpu opponent so we can move on to Week #2 within our collective season. Say I was playing my game for Week #1 vs. the cpu & I lose in the final minute of the game, BUT I quit or restart (“Rage Quit”) the game before the final seconds of the 4th quarter strike zero because I was upset of the impending loss. Once reaching the main menu of our online dynasty, I go back to the same Week #1 game & play it again because the online dynasty is still on Week #1 & win. Upon re-entering the main menu of our collective online dynasty it would blatantly register that I have “Restarted The Game” in a flashing red & yellow banner so that you & our other 3 friends would be able to see that I replayed the game, essentially cheating. The “commissioner” of our online dynasty is given one of two choices that he can make. Option #1: Allowed the “restarted” game to stand & I keep the victory or Option #2 throw out the results & simulate the game. This feature was offered on NCAA 12 & I believe on NCAA 13 too, so I’m assuming it will be on NCAA 14. This feature has never been on Madden up to this point & I was wondering if you had any information about if it has been added to the Madden franchise to combat “Rage Quitters”. Hopes this helps better explain. Thanks man

    • I understand you. Unfortunately I haven’t seen anything like that to fix the problem. You’re better off trying to figure out who the developers are and trying to reach them on twitter. I don’t have a twitter so I can’t but most of the developers are on twitter so take a look and see if you can ask them. I’ll reach out to EA and see if it’s been looked into or looked at to begin with.

  4. Thanks man. Can you point me in the right direction of the Madden developers?

    • I’ll try, I am working on something right now, but if I remember later I will look up the info. Plus I have an email out to see if I can get an answer for your question.

      As far as pointing you to the developers, I am not sure who is in charge of making the game, or its modes so it will be hard to point you in the right direction. But I will try to find that out as well.

  5. Thanks a lot man. Believe me, my friends & I are not the only ones that has this issue with Madden. Lol

    • I am sure you guys aren’t. Like I said I don’t play a lot online so I was unaware of the problem. There are a lot of issues with the online communities of many games so I just focus on getting games with decent offline experiences. And personally in the case of Madden 25, I will be playing Connected Franchise as an owner since I loved the old owner mode that was last seen on PS2 and I assume the original Xbox versions of Madden.

      Are you excited about Madden? I see a lot of people started out skeptical, but have seemed to come around a little more since then. So I am trying to get a bit of an idea on how people feel about the upcoming release. NCAA ’14 made me really excited for Madden when I was reviewing it last week.

    • Just got word back on your question; commissioners can see the number of restarts in Madden but can’t choose whether to accept the outcome or force a sim. So if you restart you just have to wear the scarlet letter that you restarted, but your results will stand.

      I hope this answers your question.

  6. You should try an online CCM with friends to feel our pain!!! Lol. I am a proud owner of Madden 13, so definitely excited about getting Madden 25. Other than the whole “restarted” game issue during CCM, I’ve never really had a problem with Madden. I’ll definitely get Madden 25, but I’ll probably wait until it comes out on PS4. I’m cool with pursuing NCAA 14 for now. I guess most people are skeptical because though the game play does get better from year to year & there are more cosmetic upgrades (i.e. Owner Mode), they don’t fix the little things.

    • Cool, and I can also see where their pain comes from. From a personal perspective I am interested in seeing how people like the PS4/XB1 versions of Madden because that could be a real indicator of how the game is perceived for the next 8-10 years.

      Also I am not sure if you saw but I got an answer for your question, the reply was “Commissioners can see the number of restarts in Madden but can’t choose whether to accept the outcome or force a sim. So if you restart you just have to wear the scarlet letter that you restarted, but your results will stand.”

      So i guess you’re forced to stick with the result unfortunately. However I think if you set ground rules before the franchise starts you’ll be okay since there will be a punishment if a game is restarted, and I guess that punishment unfortunately would be a removal of a player depending on how you want to handle it with your limited options.

  7. Is it possible to watch user vs user games on madden connected franchise if you are all in the same franchise and you arent one of the users playing?

    • Kyle,

      I don’t think it is possible from the game itself. However if you are friends with either one of them you might be able to ask them to broadcast the game via a live stream. Or if you are on PS4, there might be something you can do with the new SharePlay feature. Hope this helps.

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