MLB Schedule with probable starters; May 19, 2013

Away Home Time (ET) Away Probable Home Probable
Mariners Indians 1:05pm Hernandez (5-2) Masterson (6-2)
Blue Jays Yankees 1:05pm Dickey (3-5) Sabathia (4-3)
D-backs Marlins 1:10pm Miley (3-2) Nolasco (2-5)
Reds Phillies 1:35pm Bailey (2-3) Pettibone (3-0)
Astros Pirates 1:35pm Harrell (3-4) Locke (3-1)
Dodgers Braves 1:35pm Magill (0-0) Minor (5-2)
Rays Orioles 1:35pm Moore (7-0) Tillman (3-1)
Red Sox Twins 2:10pm Lackey (1-4) Hernandez (2-0)
Brewers Cardinals 2:15pm Lohse (1-4) Gast (1-0)
Mets Cubs 2:20pm Gee (2-5) Wood (4-2)
White Sox Angels 3:35pm Peavy (5-1) Vargas (2-3)
Royals Athletics 4:05pm Mendoza (1-2) Griffin (4-3)
Giants Rockies 4:10pm Zito (3-2) Nicasio (3-1)
Nationals Padres 4:10pm Haren (4-4) Cashner (2-2)
Tigers Rangers 8:05pm Fister (5-1) Holland (3-2)

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