Electronic Arts unveils next gen plans in conference call

Frank Gibeau president of EA Labels (whatever that is) has mentioned five titles heading to next generation consoles. The series’ heading to next generation consoles are Madden (as I susepcted a couple weeks ago (https://electrosports.wordpress.com/2013/04/25/potential-hint-at-next-gen-for-madden-25/), NBA Live, FIFA (which I also guesses would be there), Need for Speed and Battlefield 4.

Let me break it down game by game;

Madden 25: As I mentioned above, I suspected this game would be next generation, and it was because of the Madden Share playbook listing on EA’s website.

FIFA ’14: This also doesn’t surprise me, the FIFA series is probably their best selling sports game on a global scale since soccer is popular world wide.

NBA Live: This one is a shocker. I didn’t expect this to be released on any console never mind next generation. This could be a dud or a gem for EA. It will honestly depend on whether EA has competition from 2k or not with NBA 2k14.

Need For Speed: This also is not a shocker. They had a new Need for Speed when the Xbox 360 came out and that title in my mind was the best game of this generation. Maybe not visually, but it had great sound and the best storyline with its blacklist.

Battlefield 4: We already knew this was next generation, but since it was listed on the story I wanted to list it here to. If Battlefield 4 is anything like Battlefield 3 than it should be a great game.

What do you, the gamer think? Are you happy or upset with the selections? I think they are good selections, but admittedly it was disappointing not seeing NHL 14 on the list being a big fan of that series. Maybe it will be announced at E3 but we’ll see. EA’s E3 press conference is June 10th.

Source: http://kotaku.com/in-electronic-arts-quarterly-earnings-call-today-frank-494424326


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