NHL 14 Physics Blog

Today EA Sports released a blog detailing NHL 14’s Physics engine. Head over to EA’s site to read it for yourself by clicking this link (http://www.easports.com/nhl/news/article/nhl14-developer-diary-collision-physics) which has details and a video of the physics in action.

To me it looks good, a couple of those hits had some very awkward landings, I think that those will be fine tuned within the next few months, but I loved the hit of Garrison laying out Shaw at the 1:03 marker of the video, that looked like the most realistic big hit of the video.

Another thing that is mentioned in the blog but not in the video is goalies are live. I hope with this that if a goalie gets run the enforcer engine is triggered and the guy who flattened the goalie gets jumped, that would happen in real life if that were to happen, so EA should try to accurately replicate that with the enforcer engine.

Speaking of the enforcer engine, that is scheduled to be discussed in early June as part of NHL 14’s gameplay series of developer blogs.



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