NHL Playoff Predictions

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#8 Wild vs #1 Blackhawks

Gesterling: I don’t think this will be a cake walk for the Blackhawks, Minnesota is a tough team and they will make it hard for Chicago. guys like Mikko Koivu and Dany Heatley need to play big along with Zach Parise. I still question Corey Crawford so I am not going to give the Blackhawks an easy win this series. With that said I still take Chicago in six.

Whetstone: Wild win 4-3
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#2 Ducks vs # 7 Red Wings

Gesterling: This should be a great series between these teams, I think Detroit has the man power to knock off the Ducks, but it will need consistent play outside of defense without the aid of Nicklas Lindstrom. The Ducks to me do not have the leadership they need to succeed over anyone, so with that said I am going with Detroit in seven.

Whetstone:  Ducks win 4-3

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#3 Canucks vs #6 San Jose

Gesterling: This series I am on the fence with. Because I think the Sharks can win the series but that would require them to score goals and I just cannot see it being to the level they need it to be. So my prediction is Vancouver in six.

Whetstone: Sharks win 4-3

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#5 Kings vs #4 Blues

Gesterling: I really like the Blues, I think the world of the way they play, and I think they will stun the defending champions. I just don’t think the Kings are up to the level talent wise that the Blues have. However if Quick can play the role of God again this season then the Kings could pull off another championship run. As I said I think St. Louis will stun the Kings, so my pick is Blues in six.

Whetstone: Kings win 4-3

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#8 Islanders vs #1 Penguins

Gesterling: I think this will be a good series, I think the Islanders are a feel good story and I think they will make it a better series than people expect. It will take contributions from John Tavares down to Brad Boyes to pull off an upset. But with Crosby coming back (from what I can guess), and the firepower the Penguins have, I think it will be too much. I am taking Pittsburgh in six.

Whetstone: Islanders win 4-3

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#2 Canadiens vs #7 Senators

Gesterling: The Canadiens and Senators had a good season series. And I expect it to continue here, I think there will be some fireworks, and a good amount of goals. I think goaltending will steal this series for the Senators so I am going with the upset here, Ottawa in seven.

Whetstone: Montreal win 4-2

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#3 Capitals vs #6 Rangers

Gesterling: This series is interesting, because we have Henrik Lundquist who is great in the regular season but in the playoffs he is known to let in some soft goals. And then on the other end there is Alexander Ovechkin, who is also not great in the playoffs. I think the Rangers have more talent than the Capitals though on the ice so I take the Rangers in six.

Whetstone: Capitals win 4-1

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#5 Maple Leafs vs #4 Bruins

Gesterling: The Bruins have over the last few seasons taken Phil Kessel out of his game when the Bruins played the Maple Leafs and that has essentially crippled the Leafs offense. But this year the Maple Leafs have secondary scoring and have been impressive. The key for Boston will be Tuukka Rasks’ play, if Rask doesn’t play well then the Bruins will lose the series. The key for the Maple Leafs will be the play of Phil Kessel, if he has a good series the Maple Leafs will have a good shot at upsetting the Bruins.  I predict the Bruins win the series in six games.

Whetstone: Boston win 4-3


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